ASUCI v2 shows the J3/S9/X7 from a new angle

(Warning: If you’re not immune to ear-hemorrhage-inducing pop music, you better turn down the volume on your speakers/headphones before starting the video.)

The Cowon J3 is far from being abandoned by the user interface modding community (and the S9 and X7 benefit from being compatible). Well known Korean UCI designer Asurada presents a teaser video of his newest creation, ASUCI v2.

Using 45 degree tilted interface elements would usually be just a gimmick, but Asurada obviously put a lot of thought into the design and usability of his theme. Next to ergonomic left-handed usage I especially like the increased length of the slider bar, allowing for more precise scrolling in a track. It seems to hit a quite sweet middle ground between a portrait- and a landscape-oriented interface.

[ASUCI v2 official site (Korean) via iAudiophile]


Just Some Guy on October 4, 2011 3:44 PM

Holding both my phone and my A847, I can see why this would work. It’s a more natural position.

Not to mention it would catch the eye of anyone looking at your screen, which might be fun.

Uber-Ne on October 4, 2011 5:37 PM

I agree with Guy here, I wouldn’t mind having a UI like this. I like it, its different and anyone could get use to it.

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