Custom Kernel and ROM available for the European Galaxy S Wifi 4.0

galaxy voodoo Custom Kernel and ROM available for the European Galaxy S Wifi 4.0Forum member SteveS cooked up a custom kernel and ROM for the European version of the Galaxy S Wifi 4.0. Note that this won’t work on the American or Korean version of the Galaxy (yet), nor on the Galaxy S Wifi 5.0.

Besides gaining root/superuser access to the device and various interface tweaks, this ROM includes the Voodoo sound patch, effectively fixing Samsung’s botched audio output. Voodoo fixes the amplification gain for less background hiss and louder output, and – similar to Cowon players – adds a hardware parametric EQ and a hardware 3D spatialization effect for the Wolfson audio CODEC as well.

Kernel changelog

  • Based on Original XXKPQ Kernel
  • Added Voodoo sound patches
  • Can work with XXKPN and XXKPQ stock Samsung ROM.
  • To use Voodoo sound you need to install Voodoo Control or Voodoo Control Plus

ROM changelog

  • Contains the latest STeVE’s Kernel 1.0: you don’t need to flash separately
  • Based on original XXKPQ Samsung stock ROM
  • Contains root and superuser permissions
  • Tweaked theme: Honeycomb status bar icons, transparent notification pane, ICS windows effects
  • CRT screen off animation
  • If you start from a XXKPN or XXKPQ you can skip wipe to keep your existing applications and settings

Check Steve’s forum thread for discussion and download links.


electron on December 13, 2011 2:55 PM

I’ve used Voodoo sound on my phone before, and I can say that it sounds great. With no EQ, it sounded very similar to my P3, IMO.

Peter Losch on December 19, 2011 1:40 PM

I have a Samsung Galaxy S with Voodoo sound installed. This setup is one of the best I’ve ever had, despite having owned a HM-601, 602 and 801, Cowon J3, S-Flo2, etc.. The version I use (Voodoo Control Plus 3.0.4) does not have the parametric equalizer or 3D hardware spatialization effect. These options are only for this hardware (European Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.0)?

Martin Sägmüller on December 19, 2011 5:34 PM

Peter, does the SGS have a Wolfson audio CODEC? If yes, then it should be possible to enable its hardware sound tweaks. If it’s another manufacturer’s CODEC, then probably not.

Peter Losch on December 20, 2011 8:06 AM

Dear Martin: Yes. The Samsung Galaxy S has the Wolfson WM8994 audio chip ( Thus, how to proceed with these settings?
PS: You make an excellent job. Congratulations!

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