Happy 10th birthday, Rockbox – also, release 3.10 is out

rb10years400 Happy 10th birthday, Rockbox   also, release 3.10 is out

Everybody’s favorite audio player replacement firmware, Rockbox, turned ten years old. On December 7th 2001 the first mail in the Rockbox mailing list was posted. Initially only supporting the Archos Jukebox behemoth, it went uphill from there on. Today Rockbox supports approximately 75 different targets, as well as running as an application on Android, Maemo, and perhaps iOS in the near future.

Well timed with this significant anniversary, a new stable version, 3.10, has been released. While this release doesn’t support any new targets, there are several feature additions, improvements, and bug fixes. Read the 3.10 release notes for more details and installation instructions.

Congratulations, Rockbox team – here’s to (at least) ten more years!

[Via Daniel "Bagder" Stenberg's Blog]


Marvin the Martian on December 8, 2011 3:24 PM

Congrats to them, and here’s hoping “stability” is imminent for the Clip Zip….although in all fairness I haven’t had any issues with it in since the first few days I tried it. Works like a charm now.

Urnemanden on December 8, 2011 5:41 PM

A huge congratulations and thank you to all who have contributed to that project. Have never tried Rockbox myself, but will as soon as I get my first Rockbox compatible device. :)

epithetless on December 8, 2011 8:29 PM

I love you, Rockbox.

Roj on December 8, 2011 9:05 PM

Congratulations indeed but when is USB connectivity for the Fuze going to be resolved? It’s been a LONG time…

Just Some Guy on December 9, 2011 3:03 AM

Wait… ten years and you’re only at version 3.10? Man, you guys are really slacking. :)

rockbox freak on December 9, 2011 6:03 AM

sandisk+rockbox = lovely
Rockbox team should get paid by hardware brands…
If rockbox was a hardware brand …wow!

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