Deal alert: Sansa Clip Zip on sale in Europe for £27

mymemory zip Deal alert: Sansa Clip Zip on sale in Europe for £27

MyMemory, a UK-based website that ships worldwide, currently has the 4GB Sansa Clip Zip in both black and red for £26.96. Those are British pounds, which means that Americans will still find a better deal on, but Europeans might want to check it out. The two other colors the site stocks, blue and purple, are currently priced closer to the £55 MSRP, but might come down as well. I wouldn’t wait too long though, as MeMemory is infamous for changing prices almost daily.

I’m tempted to get one myself, as my Clip Plus is kinda…under the weather. I showed how to make a small DAP like that slave to a smartphone/tablet a while back, and part of me wants to get a Zip working that way, why the other part doesn’t want to get into the dedicated DAP game again. Either way it’s an awesome price, and definitely worth taking advantage of for those that have been eyeing the Zip.

[MyMemory: Black | Red ]


castlefox on November 26, 2012 9:24 PM

I just purchased my Clip zip 4g from the USA Amazon site. It was listed for like 36 US for most of the fall but over the weekend I noticed that i went down to 27.99 If you have been waiting to buy it, I think now would be the time, or else try to wait until the next version comes out from Sansa.

I will be very happy when it comes in the mail and I can replace my ipod shuffle.

ECA on March 21, 2014 10:52 AM

If Sansa would add 1 feature tot he top lines, it would be great..
Wiki/BT for wireless headphones..

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