How to fix a missing battery on a Sansa Clip+

clip plus battery1 How to fix a missing battery on a Sansa Clip+

Last week, Ian showed how to fix a missing clip on a SanDisk Sansa Clip Plus. I removed the clip from mine on purpose, and used it like that for years, but then I suddenly had a bigger problem: a missing battery.

During one of my usual DIY projects, my trusty old Clip Plus became the unfortunate victim of a stabbing. I manged to jam a blade into the battery of all things, causing it to make some unapproving noises and some unexpected fireworks. I thought it would be a goner after that, but once the battery was removed, the Clip Plus booted back up aided by USB power.

clipint How to fix a missing battery on a Sansa Clip+

I have a 5000mAh external battery that I carry around to charge my gadgets when needed, and I figured I might as well pair the two and see what happened. As expected, the Clip Zip runs just fine off the battery, and if it’s slightly less portable. I’ve actually used it like that a couple of times – not for prolonged music listening sessions, but for situations when I needed a quick audio source or microSD formater.

I’m not sure how this system does in terms of energy loss, since it’s technically running in charging mode without a battery to charge and all that. However, the original battery is 330mAh, and gives a (rated) battery life of 15 hours. With no loss of energy, that should give about 230 hours on a single charge. Obviously you could just use such a battery with a working Clip, but there’s something about the thinness of the battery-less Clip Plus that almost makes me want to embed the thing into the 5000mAh battery itself.


john smith on November 17, 2012 11:23 PM

How about pair the clip with a 4x 12v 100 amp in parallel lead acid battery? With voltage reduction circuit.

Should prove enough run time, in a handy portable system.

Pht on November 22, 2012 10:43 PM

What happened to the battery leads?

Did you destroy them such that you couldn’t re-solder the lines back down to them?

I’ve re-soldered mine successfully several times… or did you destroy the protection circuit?

I would still like to see someone do a mod to a clip using a deans plug in the back of the case directly over the battery leads … run a pair of lines from the battery side of the (I presume it is) protection circuit to the deans plug.

Thus allowing you to hook up any sort of compatible external power source (as long as it uses the same battery chemistry and voltage output…

Obviously, you’d have to have a secure cover for the plug when not in use …

but still, it would be neat to be able to, say, have several rechargable AA batts (1.2 x 3 = good working voltage) in your pocket, running by a short but disconnectable line to your clip, for, say, long trips on the lawnmower or bike.

Ps. HOW THE HELL do you get the case popped open on your clip+ without making the unsightly flatblade gunge mark on the edge?

Songs0fFailure on November 28, 2012 2:48 PM

LADave on May 16, 2013 3:01 PM

I’ve been thinking of homebrewing an equivalent with four 5,000 mah C-cells. This is for a community noise logger (Sansa-Rockbox-custom code) that can run up to seven days straight.

e3k on September 11, 2013 5:14 PM

how come there is no rockbox on that sansa?

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