The Bass Egg Project on Kickstarter wants to create a good reverberation speaker

Reverberation speakers can be found everywhere these days. Instead of producing audio themselves, they transmit vibrations onto a large surface that acts as the actual speaker. The models you find tend to be cheap, novelty gadgets made more for the geek factor of having a device that turns surfaces into speakers than to actually produce good sound, and the Bass Egg project is all about changing that.

The project creators claim to want to build a reverberation speaker that is the “(…) “best in class” reverberation speaker, our goal was to develop a product with the following attributes: Small and Portable, Sleek, Wireless and Easy to Use, and Durable.” Whether or not they succeed remains to be seen, but they might just be onto something here. I have a reverberation speaker on my desk right now, the Mighty Boom Ball, and while it’s fun to play around it, it can’t match the sound quality of my mm28 portable speaker (which, for the record, is much much bigger). For a speaker that’s dependent on a surface to be a success, it has to provide better a better sound/size ratio that traditional portable speakers.

Kickstarter is a site where you can pledge a project to help fund it, meaning you’re not legally guaranteed the resulting product if the project fails. However, the Bass Egg is apparently ready for production, and might ship as early as January. With a Kickstarter price of $95 and a retail price of $120 though, it better be worth it.




Ed on November 21, 2012 12:39 PM

I wouldn’t waste your money on this. Big promises, but it’s basically the same as an existing product: the mighty dwarf.

It’s fun, but has limited use. You can put it on a wood floor and you’ll get a crazy good sound. Sound is more dependent on the surface you put it on than the device itself. It’s also very noisy… Where even if it feels like normal listening volume, because it is using the entire surface of the object you’re putting it on, it can be very annoying for other people in the house. Ex: it will move the sound from the surface of the table, to the legs of the table to the floor and the wall nearby. A party won’t mind, but a private listening experience this is not.

To be honest, this kind of kickstarter just feels like an official way to rip people off that headfi has been doing for years. The product already exists, you will just be paying a lot for a limited run with no idea what to expect from the quality of said product (likely not good!).

I might not give the Mighty Dwarf a full hearted recommendation, but it does everything it says it does and looking at the site now, it looks like they have more powerful versions available if that were really important to you.

BassEggOfficial on December 4, 2012 4:52 AM

Hello Ed,

Thanks for the comment! The Bass Egg Team will have to respectfully disagree with you. We encourage consumers to put the Bass Egg up against the existing reverberation speakers that you refer to; the audio results will speak for themselves. The Bass Egg is in its own class.

To all of our supporters: thank you very much! You’re going to love the Egg.

The Bass Egg Team

Ed on April 16, 2013 8:04 PM

I’m a bit amazed you wrote that 10 days before your kickstarter deadline, since you finished with 1/8th your goal!

Maybe you created a product which was better than the existing models, but I have to say I’m glad people didn’t take it on faith. If your product is so amazing, you should try to sell it to a serious investor, or get hired by Mighty Dwarf ;) Kickstarter (in my small-minded opinion) should be for things where people know what they’re getting, like board games or other things that trial versions can be sent to donators via the internet.

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