Martin Sägmüller

Editor in Chief/IEM pack rat

Martin Sägmüller, better known as DFKT to his mom (and on the forums), tried his luck as a musician, producer, remixer, DJ, media artist, and web developer, among other things. He produced tracks for severallabels and shows for national and web radio. Originating from the electronic side of music (Computer Music at the Institute for Electroacoustic, Experimental and Applied Music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) and digital arts (Digital Media at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna), he nowadays prefers the more hands-on approach of abusing the bass guitar with his band mates in Dystopian Dub Developments.

DFKT dislikes anything that doesn’t sound good. His collection of headphones and earphones is constantly growing, thus the need to share some insight about these phones with the valued readers of this web site.

Grahm Skee

Managing Editor/MP3 player pack rat

Grahm founded ABI back in 2005 after a frustrating episode with an early generation ipod. Deciding to look at the other options he realized that there were better ipod alternatives, but they were dominated by Apple’s multi million dollar advertising budget. So to combat this imbalance he decided to start a blog and give a voice to the genuinely better underdogs. At the end of 2009 Grahm sold ABI to Crowdgather and joined their team. He now lives in Lancaster, PA and frequent the Crowdgather offices in Woodland Hills, CA.

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Andreas Ødegård

Contributing Editor/Gadget pack rat

Andreas Ødegård has a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and is currently studying English in his home country of Norway. He has his own website at andreasodegard.com where he posts DIY projects and other hobby related articles. His currently favorite toy is the iPad and the iPad Mini (aka iPhone) but he’s also no stranger to more hackable tablets, having used them since long before they became mainstream. MP3 players are not in use anymore for him, and have been replaced by convergence devices. He’s currently spending most his time on ABi’s new sister site, nothingbuttablets.com.

Allen Schmidt

Contributing Editor/Gadget pack rat

After spending 3 years playing college ball, he went on to play professionally for 5 years.  He is currently in his last semester at the University of Florida studying Business Management. Lots of time on the road and away from home led him down the tech road.  He started off in the portable media player market and gradually enjoyed phone tech as well with the launch of the original iPhone and the orginal Android, the G1.  The tablet market has started to explode, so naturally this would peak any tech guy’s interest.  Basically anything that can be tinkered with and enjoyed has always got his interest.

William Devereux

Contributing Editor/Gadget pack rat

William is a Microsoft Zune MVP and is currently working on a degree in Computer Science. He enjoys all kinds of technology, but he prefers to focus on Microsoft solutions like Zune, Windows Phone, Xbox, and Windows. He’s also a big Star Wars fan. William works part time as a web developer, creating websites for various companies and organizations. He also writes for Anythingbutipod and Anythingbutiphone, where he is the editor-in-chief.