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Samsung brings back the Pebble, is now an MP3 player that syncs with a smartphone

s pebble Samsung brings back the Pebble, is now an MP3 player that syncs with a smartphone

Remember Samsung’s Pebble MP3 player? In what is a surprising move to say the least, Samsung brought back the design and the name yesterday during its Galaxy S III smartphone announcement. The new S Pebble is classified as an accessory to the S III, and is essentially a 4GB screenless MP3 player that has the ability to sync directly with the S III as well as a computer. The controls are a mix between switches to control power and shuffle, and touch buttons on the front of the player (yeah, touch buttons…ugh). The tiny player is said to do 17 hours on a single charge, and sync via the 3.5mm port.

You may be asking why on Earth anyone would want such a device, or perhaps you’re already angry because Samsung has essentially taken a feature that exists on devices with USB host (assuming the MSC-enabled player you plug into it doesn’t try to charge off it) and made it a proprietary accessory. The idea of this device is that people who do activities where a 4.8-inch smartphone is unsuited – like running – can leave their phone at home and bring the S Pebble instead. There aren’t any features like pedometers or other sports related sensors in the thing though, it’s just an music player. With Samsung releasing a new Music Hub service with cloud syncing and iTunes Match-like  functionality, it makes some sort of sense that they’re enabling the player to be synced directly from a phone that has all of this, instead of assuming that all music comes from a computer.

As long as they keep the price low I don’t see any problem with leaving this device unhated for now, but I fear that this is going to be another overpriced official accessory like all accessories Samsung and other first parties have ever released. If that’s the case, I have a feeling that I’m going to be struck with a sudden and uncontrollable need to bring my Galaxy  S II, USB host cable, and Sansa Clip+ around with me and politely inform people that Samsung didn’t just invent the wheel.


Yurbuds Ironman Endure Pro – Dry Mic Review

017 2 560x280 Yurbuds Ironman Endure Pro   Dry Mic Review

Not long ago, I got my hands on some sport focused earbuds from the team over at Yurbuds. Designed for athletes, by athletes. The idea behind the Yurbuds team is to give users headphones that won’t fall out under the most grueling conditions. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed in the performance of the headphones, not being able to get a comfortable and stable fit. The sound quality wasn’t up to par either, but clearly the idea behind the brand is focused on the fit and comfort. I was hoping round two would bring some much needed improvements to the lineup, as I truly liked the focus from the Yurbuds team to provide active individuals with another choice in the under developed world of quality active headphones.

Well, recently Yurbuds contacted me to review their newest addition to the lineup, the Endure Pros. The new design adds an over the ear stabilization loop as well as a 3 button mic and remote to control your media. They sound like welcome improvements, but can they topple the Sennheiser MX 85′s from the active headphone throne? Let’s read on to find out… Continue reading…

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We are giving away a SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ on our anythingbutipod Facebook page. Simply hit the like button and you are entered to win. You will receive an black 8GB Fuze+ with a Rock SlotRadio card. Anyone can enter and I will ship anywhere the US postal service will allow me to ship. This contest will end May 31st.

fuze plus contest Win a Sansa Fuze+ and an HTC HD7!

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Actually, one more…. SanDisk is also running a contest on their Facebook page as well. Check it out.

Win a Dell Venue Pro, HTC HD7, or Nexus S at

win abiph main Win a Dell Venue Pro, HTC HD7, or Nexus S at
We have launched and to celebrate we are giving away a smartphone of your choice (well the three mentioned at least). My self and some new blood will be tackeling some of the great non iphone choices in the mobile phone space. It’s really exciting to see some of these smartphones… scratch that, superphones! come to market. I have been enamored with the launch of Windows Phone 7 but then the Nexus S comes out making the decision between the phones that much harder. Our hope is that the team of ABIph writers will help you navigate these amazing choices.

Ok, so what about the contest? Check out the details on Anythingbutiphone and be sure to checkout the anythingbutiphone forum as well.

Mobile Phone CPU Performances Graphed

Are you the typical consumer, confused by all of the different CPUs available in different smart phones? I made up a graph of theoretical performance differences between the various CPUs out today and for the next year.

benchmarks 520x329 Mobile Phone CPU Performances Graphed

Click through to the thread for a more in-depth analysis.