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Iriver P7 Video Overview [HD]

iriver p7 ces Iriver P7 Video Overview [HD]

The P7 was my favorite device shown off at the iriver booth, but unfortunately the US won’t see this device. The closest thing you will get is the Cowon O2, but well we found quite a few problems. The P7 is a beautiful monolithic block design common to the high style of iriver. But this modern design also shows up in the UI with a truly unique home screen almost like a layout of a brochure or magazine.

Unfortunately, the UI is rather sluggish as you can tell from the video and basing the opinion solely on experience from previous devices, it’s likely not up to par. Perhaps what needs to happen here is iriver needs to give up on making the electronics and concentrate on the design- leave internals up to Cowon. A fantastic sounding Cowon iriver P7 anyone?

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iriver Booth & Wave Home

iriver booth 2009 iriver Booth & Wave Home

I was definitely excited to see iriver’s booth this year at CES since was by far my favorite last year- bright, modern, and fun. I would love to put the iriver booth in my home somewhere; it would be my happy place. This booth was the same as last year with a slightly different layout but it a much better location, not stuck in the corner with the car audio. I did the best I could to share this with you in the form of an HD video below. Please enjoy this along with a general recap of whats new with iriver.

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iriver E50 Coming in January

iriver e50 iriver E50 Coming in January

Some of iriver’s products this year have been questionable, with the very plastic E100 being a prime example. iriver is now preparing the release the iriver E50, which on paper will correct a lot of what the E100 did wrong.

The T50 has a brushed metal casing, FM radio, a 1.8″ 176×220 pixel screen and voice recorder. The battery life will be a whopping 52 hours and it supports Vorbis and FLAC beside the usual MP3 and WMA support. It will be available in 2, 4 and 8GB capacities sometime in January.


iriver Leaks T5 and T6

iriver t6 t5 iriver Leaks T5 and T6

iriver is at it again with more players that wouldn’t make a motion sensor react. This time it’s two bargain players with tech specs so uninteresting I fell asleep three times while writing this post.

The T5 has a built in USB plug, is stick shaped and plays back MP3, WMA and Vorbis for 13 hours before needing a recharge. It will be available in 2 and 4GB and hopefully not be as big a catastrophe as its predecessor. The T6 is basically just a physically bigger player with the same format support as the T5, an FM radio and 28 hours of battery life. The T6 will also only be available in a 4GB version

[iriverfans via DAPreview]

News Roundup Week 48

newsroundup News Roundup Week 48

Every week there is a number of news articles concerning DAPs that don’t make it to our front page simply because they are too insignificant for their own article. It can be a delay in release dates, small firmware update etc. To try and get this out to the people as well, here’s a news summary of week 48 2008.

GenerationMP3 is reporting that the long awaited S9 will be delayed until early 2009 do to production issues in Korea. Our forums have been buzzing with people wondering when the S9 will finally be out and it seems they have to wait a bit longer still.

The Samsung P3 has showed up at the FCC according to Engadget. This is just a further update on the P3 story as GenerationMP3 already has one and did a first look not too long ago.

iriver is doing their usual weird strategic choices in the DAP industry and have released a new version of the E100. This isn’t the E150/E200 that Grahm wrote about in April as according to Akihabara News the only new thing about this model (named E100 Season 2) is new colors. If you recall our E100 review it isn’t exactly the best player on the market and i fail to see how a few new colors will change that.

Thanksgiving is on for our American readers and in the wake of that comes black Friday. This also means a lot of deals on MP3 players and related accessories, so join our forums and share the deals to help make sure the players will find a new home.

iriver to Unveil a New “Wave” of Devices at CES

iriver wave iriver to Unveil a New “Wave” of Devices at CES

I just got word from iriver that they will be showing off some new devices at CES 2009. I’m told that these devices will include PMPs, MP3 players, and GPS devices. These devices are also said to be “sleek and unique mobile networking devices” so start your imagination and hypothesizing.

Last year iriver’s booth and device showing was quite impressive- best of show in my opinion. You can check out my pics in last year’s iriver round up here. Do stick with us during CES coverage we will be sure to bring you the 411 on the latest iriver.

BTW: The word “Wave” was given to me in quotes so I perhaps that is some sort of clue as to what these devices entail? Any ideas? Perhaps the obvious “iriver WAVE”?

Update: I missed this one, Pocketables points out that the Wave is just a W7 turned phone. My excitement has turned into dismay. Lets keep our fingers crossed for more.

iriver SPINN Review

iriver spinn main iriver SPINN Review

Iriver has always positioned itself as a premium brand putting emphasis on design and unique user interfaces. Since the clix 2, however, their products have been mostly disappointments. The E100 had a nice design but lacked quality hardware, and the T7 was downright unusable.

I have always been on the positive side with iriver products, but 2008 has not been a good year from them. The SPINN is iriver’s last saving grace for this year, so as I opened the box I crossed my fingers and hoped to find the old-school product.

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iriver Mplayer Eyes – Weirdest MP3 Player Ever?

mplayer eyes iriver Mplayer Eyes – Weirdest MP3 Player Ever?

I’ve tried to ignore this player when it was announced a couple of weeks ago, but the sheer weirdness of the player itself and some accessories revealed today certainly calls for a quick mention. If you remember the first gen Mplayer it was already somewhat of a peculiar MP3 player where the Mickey Mouse design was the focus. The player now got an update called the Mplayer Eyes which have LEDs that light up in various facial expressions. Pretty much any smiley you can make with text symbols the Eyes seem to be able to replicate.

If that wasn’t weird enough for you, a Korean company has now released a dock for the device that is shaped like Mickey’s body. This combo is by far the weirdest MP3 player I’ve seen and that says something. While the specs aren’t too great for the Eyes with 1 or 2GB memory and 10 hours of battery, the novelty value is certainly through the roof. Hit the jump for a few more pics

[GenerationMP3 Mplayer Eyes|Mplayer Dock]

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iriver T7 Volcano Review

iriver t7 rev iriver T7 Volcano Review

I’m quickly running out of ways to introduce small players like the iriver T7. They are small and they have exactly the same specs as the competitors do now and did 5 years ago. Reviewing them is all about finding out if they have anything to offer whatsoever.

The T7′s specs are rather unremarkable, but there are a few things speaking in it’s favor – on paper. The integrated USB plug matched up with user selectable MSC mode surely makes it a nice alternative for those who want to connect anywhere, but is that enough to join the party of tiny players? Read on to find out

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Speedo Releases iriver-made Waterproof Player

speedo Speedo Releases iriver made Waterproof Player

Speedo makes swim suits. iriver makes MP3 players. Together they apparently make waterproof MP3 players. The Speedo Aquabeat is a Speedo branded iriver made MP3 player with 1GB of memory, up to 9 hours of battery life and a weight of only 35 grams.

What’s so special about it is that both player and earphones are waterproof down to 3 meters and on top of that they float. The idea has been done before but frankly this is the best attempt at it so far. With the summer just starting this might be the thing to keep you company underwater, but the price tag of a whopping $145 might make you think twice. Out now from stores that carry Speedo.