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The MobiBLU RAZR err… US2

mobiblu us2 The MobiBLU RAZR err... US2

MobiBLU has announced a new player the US2 or Ultra Slim 2 (yeah … I don’t know what happened to the Ultra Slim 1 either.) The player is packed with 512MB, 1GB, or 2GB of flash memory to compete with the rest of the slim “candy bar” MP3 players. The player is meant to be worn “lanyard style” and features dual headphone jacks for you and a friend.

The GUI looks similar to the DHH-200 that I reviewed a few months ago. Hopefully MobiBLU has improved the UI in the US2- it was a bit rough in the DHH-200. Now word on when the US2 is set to drop in the US.

[MobiBLU via dapreview]

MobiBLU Teams Up with Podcast Ready

mobiblu podcast ready MobiBLU Teams Up with Podcast Ready

MobiBLU has teamed up with Podcast Ready to make downloading podcasts a snap. MobiBLU will begin shipping the Cube 2 and the B153 with Podcast Ready software preloaded. The Podcast Ready software resides on the players root directory which allows you to get your podcasts from virtually any computer without having to install additional software.

While podcasts have always worked with non-ipods, this software makes getting them easier. In addition to the two MobiBLU players, Podcast Ready will work with any UMS MP3 player or storage device. Yet another reason to use an MP3 player simplified by UMS.

The Cube 2 along with the B153 Podcast Ready enabled players will be launched nation wide though Target at the end of June.

MobiBLU O Cube Speaker Now Available in the US

mobiblu o cube MobiBLU O Cube Speaker Now Available in the US

Remember that Cube speaker we thought would never see the shores of the US? It has. The O Cube is for sale on MobiBLU’s website for $30.To recap, the speaker is the same one inch cubed size as the DAH-1500. The speaker has a retractable phono plug that can be used with any MP3 player or audio device. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery juiced by a standard USB plug and runs for about 5 hours when fully charged

This could be a useful device for any PMP devices like the Zen Vision:M when you are showing off your videos to a group of people. Now we are just holding out for the Cube FM Modulator.

[MobiBLU O Cube]

FM Modulator Made for the MobiBLU Cube

mobiblu fm modulator 1 FM Modulator Made for the MobiBLU Cube

FM transmitters are a dime a dozen these days, but MobiBLU has made one especially for thier cherished cube MP3 player. Compatible with the first cube and the new Cube 2, the transmitter’s retractable phono jack plugs top of the MP3 player creating a stack of two cubes.

Will we see it stateside? …probably not for a while if ever. We have yet to see the Cube Speaker hit these shores and it has been around for several months now.

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MobiBLU Cube 2 – Smoother and More Colorful

mobiblu cube2 main MobiBLU Cube 2   Smoother and More Colorful

MobiBLU went back to the lab to improve upon their last geometric creation, this time it is in color. The size still remains the same 28mm cubed, but they have improved upon the design by rounding the corners and recessing the lanyard hook to give it a sleeker look and feel.

Judging by the first Cube product line, expect to see capacities of up to 2GB. Price and release date are unknown at this time.

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MobiBLU DHH-200 Review

mobiblu dhh 200 1 MobiBLU DHH 200 Review

MobiBLU, the people who brought us the Cube, is now bringing us an 8GB Microdrive based portable media player. It handles MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, JPEG, TXT, and PIX video file formats. While it doesn’t handle any of the major video file formats directly, the included transcoder will convert any video (XviD, DivX, MPEG, AVI, WMV, ect…) to the PIX video format. The video plays back on a bright 1.8” color LCD screen covered by scratch resistant plastic.

Those who like features will find that the DHH-200 packs in the necessities and some extras, such as FM radio, voice recording, line-in recording, lyric support, clock, alarm, and many others. All of this comes in a small, but not too small, form factor.

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MobiBLU Updates the Cube to 2GB

mobiblu 2gb MobiBLU Updates the Cube to 2GBMobiblu will start selling the DAH-1500i in a few weeks in a 2GB capacity adding a third size to the line up. All colors will come in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB selling for $100, $130, and $160 respectively. In the past MobiBLU had an exclusive deal with Wal-Mart to be sold on their website. However the deal is up and the Cube will be selling at many other retailers in addition to Wal-Mart’s online store.

If you missed it we did a review here when the DAH-1500i first came out.

[ABC News]

O Cube Mobispeaker – A Cube for Your Cube

o cube mobispeaker O Cube Mobispeaker   A Cube for Your Cube

As citizens of the US, we really get the short end of the stick when it comes to cool gadgetry. Here is another case in point, the Mobispeaker, a self powered portable speaker. The speaker is a mere one inch by one inch by one inch cube that pugs directly into your MP3 player and is rechargeable by USB. The phono jack also tucks away for easy storage.

The O Cube sells for 22,000 KRW which is roughly 23 USD. However, it is unlikely that we will ever see it for sale with the “$” in front of the price.

More pics below.

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MobiBLU Roundup DAH-1900 DAH-1800 DHH-200

mobiblu dah 1900 MobiBLU Roundup DAH 1900 DAH 1800 DHH 200

These MP3 players have been around for several months now, but they may be coming to the US sometime soon. If they are anything like the MobiBLU Cube (DAH-1500i), the States could see a nice lineup of MP3 players.

The DAH-1900 is a flash based digital audio player with an OLED screen and all of your standard MP3 player features, coming in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB versions. But the selling point is its amazing battery life of 150 hour.

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Hack the MobiBLU Cube

mobiblu dah 1500i hack Hack the MobiBLU Cube

Are you sick of looking at the same screen animations on that monochrome blue OLED screen? Well you are in luck. Guillermito emailed me to let me know about his hack of the MobiBLU DAH-1500i & DAH-1500. The hack allows you to modify the startup screen as well as the other animations within the Cube. Interestingly, he found animations for games like black jack inside of the firmware. Weather or not they can be played has yet to be discovered.

Now this hack is not for the faint hearted, you must be well verse in hex editing and all of that geeky stuff. Nonetheless, this is a great guide to the firmware inside of the cube as well as instructions on how to go about changing the startup animation. Hack away…

[Site thanks Guillermito]