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MPIO V10 Video Preview

mpio v10 vp MPIO V10 Video Preview

When we first heard about the V10 it sounded almost too good to be true especially with the video codec support promised on the player. The player is about to be released and that means reviewers all over is starting to get their hand of this little wonder.

One of them is Yeshaib over at, who’s gotten a unit and done some initial testing on it. There are some cons like lack of album art support, but overall it looks to be as amazing an player as the specs promises. Video after the jump.


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MPIO V10 Touch Screen PMP Plays Everything – With Style

mpio v10 MPIO V10 Touch Screen PMP Plays Everything   With Style

MPIO isn’t the most known mp3 player brand out there, but they have been around for a while, and this time they might have hit jackpot. The MPIO V10 Personal Media Player seems to be equipped with pretty much anything your heart could desire, and it doesn’t look half bad with it’s metallic design.

The 3″ 480×272 pixel touch screen should put it close to the Samsung P2 screen wise, which is nice seeing there aren’t many players in that class at the moment. The codec support is very impressive, with support for AVI, WMV, ASF, MP4, DivX, DAT, VOB, TS, XviD, MPG / MPEG, MP3, WMA, AAC , OGG, PCM (WAV), JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, SMI, TXT. Video support this extensive is normally only found on bigger PMPs like the Cowon A3.

Along with the extensive codes support, it has a FM tuner, dictionary, and TV out. The latter should be very useful for a hard core video player like this, especially if it can output bigger than the screen resolution. The downside is only 8GB of internal memory, but a SD slot helps a lot – especially if its SDHC with cards up to 16GB right now and 32GB in a few months. Battery life is rated at 5 hours for video. More pics, a video and spec sheets after the jump.

[ GenerationMP3 ]

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MPIO MO100: A Rebranded Grundig Audio Player?

mpio mo100 MPIO MO100: A Rebranded Grundig Audio Player?

MPIO has created some truly unique designs in the past, however their latest player does not hold the same originality which some would expect from Korea’s first MP3 manufacturer. The familiar form and interface of the MO100 comes from its clear resemblance to Grundig’s MPixx 2000 released earlier this year.

Even so the MO100 will still handle audio, video, and picture formats in the form of MP3, WMA, WAV, SMV, JPEG, and BMP. While, the 1.8-inch screen only has 128 x 160 pixels and displays 65k colors, FM radio recording and voice recording capabilities are also included. At the moment only a 1GB version can be purchased in Asia, but 2GB and 4GB versions are expected to follow.

[via iMP3]

New Flash Players from MPIO

mpio mg2001 New Flash Players from MPIO

Though a great deal of interest is being directed towards several of the leading electronics companies at the IFA electronics show this week, it is MPIO who has presented an assortment of new players.

Succeeding the MG100 is the appropriately named MG200 and it will have much the same specs, the exceptions being an extension in audio playback to 25 hours and the added video playback of MP4 and AVI files.

The MG300 also bears the dual circle controls and format support of the MG200, but carries the form of a PMP. Its screen measures 2.4-inches, has an FM tuner, recording capabilities, and possess 4GB of internal memory, which may not be anything to write home about, but SDHC expansion is also included. Very similar features and identical formats of the MG300 are offered in both the 2GB OG21 with 1.8-inch screen, and 8GB OG23 with 2.4-inch screen and SDHC expansion.

Lastly, in very similar style to the MG100 is the MD100; however it uses a monochrome screen is and will only tackle your audio needs. As well as supporting MP3, WMA (DRM), and OGG, the MD can receive DAB and record FM radio.


More pictures below.

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MPIO ML300: Less is More?

mpio ml300 MPIO ML300: Less is More?

Most new players attempt to outclass the previous generation by squeezing in increasingly more features. This does create a competitive market where price is rivaled by the optional extra, but when a color screen for pictures and video, more than enough supported formats, and an excess of memory are completely unnecessary for you, MPIO might hold the answer.

Without trying to achieve more than it should, the ML300 will playback your MP3 and WMA files for 10 hours on a single AAA battery. Besides its seven equaliser presets, FM Radio and recording, the simple monochrome display helps you navigate through your music easily. Once released internationally, the pricing of the 1GB version may be as low as $40

[imp3 via Engadget]

MPIO MG100 in 4GB

mpio mg100 MPIO MG100 in 4GB

Previously only available in 1GB and 2GB sizes, the MG100 now comes with 4GB of flash memory. Unfortunately, the capacity increase is the only change presented by MPIO.

JPEG, BMP, and videos in the MTV file format (with conversion software included) can still be displayed on the 1.5-inch, 176×132 pixel, 262K-color LCD screen. The MG100 only supports MP3 and WMA (DRM) audio formats but is complemented by 7 equalizer presets and a 5-band graphic equalizer. A quick voice recording function is activated by voice and FM radio recording is also possible. Inside the brushed aluminium case, a 400mAh battery enables 20 hours of audio and 6 hours of video playback.

[Product page via Impress]

MPIO FY700 Disney Edition

fy700 disney 1 MPIO FY700 Disney Edition

We reported on this special edition earlier but pictures where small and not too detailed. So here are some more pictures care of minivian for all you Disney fans. The player has a unique design, is solidly built and sounds great. Check out the full review we posted a few weeks ago. It is uncertain weather or not this player will make it to the shores of the US, so fans of Mickey, keep your fingers crossed.

[minivian via MyMPIO]

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MPIO FY700 Review

mpio fy700 main MPIO FY700 Review

The FY700 is a flash based mp3 player that is available in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB sizes and supports MP3, WMA, WMA DRM, and ASF audio files. This UMS player also packs in FM, FM recording, voice recording, 5 band EQ, and adjustable playback speed, to name the majority.

The FY700 has the same feature set as MPIO’s family of MP3 players, but with the FY700 they really took a unique approach to this player, making the design a function of the player. This distinctive practical design won MPIO Innovations 2006 Design and Engineering Award of CES.

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MPIO SOLID Formerly the HD400

mpio solid MPIO SOLID Formerly the HD400

The MPIO HD400 now called the SOLID appeared months ago, but now is closer to being released. The 8GB audio/video player will cover all of your major codecs and be compatible with Janus DRM. Like the other MPIO players this one will have drag and drop support for all the major OSes supporting UMS. Hopefully MPIO will use the same Wolfson audio processor they did in the MPIO ONE MP3 player. It sounded great in the ONE, so it would be wounderful they followed suite with the SOLID. You can probably look for this player in the US within the next few months.

[MPIO via AVing]

MPIO FY700 Disney Branded MP3 Player

mpio fy700 disney MPIO FY700 Disney Branded MP3 Player

Disney will be selling the MPIO FY700 in Korea branded with popular Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse starting in February. They are planning to target kid consumers but will likely hit the kid at heart consumer as well. There is no official word on weather or not this will ever make it to the US.

On a related note, Disney has already released one MP3 player here in the US, the Disney Mix Stick. I believe that it is selling very well for the fact that every time I pass the display in Target the shelves are always empty. Check out our review of the Mix Stick for more info and pics.