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Olympus Will Discontinue Production of M-Robe MP3 Players

olympus m robe f10 Olympus Will Discontinue Production of M Robe MP3 Players

Olympus is throwing in the towel in the digital audio player market due to intense competition and other opportunities in their core business, digital cameras. The M-Robe line of MP3 players never sold that well in the US so I don’t think a whole lot of people will be disappointed.

I was never impressed with the M-Robe series of players. The design was nice but the sound quality failed to impress me and obviously everyone else. But hey… they do make a decent camera.


Olympus Debuts New M:robe’s: MR-F10 MR-F20 MR-F30

olympus m robe f10 f20 f30 Olympus Debuts New M:robe’s: MR F10 MR F20 MR F30

All three of them will be flash player released in typical flash player sizes: 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB. The MR-F10 will have a 65k color OLED screen, voice recorder, and 10 hours battery time. It has a loop at the top for a lanyard, so it can be worn around your neck. The MR-F20 has similar features but adds a photo viewer. It also has an interesting knob on the top possibly for scrolling through the hundreds of tracks or photos you may have on the player. The MR-F30 ups the ante with a 260k color OLED screen, photo viewer, FM recording, voice recording, playback time of 15 hours and that same cool looking ‘jog knob’ on the top. No word on release date but they will be released in Korea first, of course. (Pictured in order)

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