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Hantel Pimps the Qoolqee X to Jens of Sweden as the MP-X

jens of sweden mp x qoolqee Hantel Pimps the Qoolqee X to Jens of Sweden as the MP X

This player has been out and about for several months as the Qoolqee X, but now the X is playing the same role in its rubberized attire with a new logo strapped on.

The rugged design is… well… I will let this choice quote from the Jens of Sweden website describe the ruggedness of the MP-X:

“The first player that will suit your active life. That can take some shit. Blood, sweat and tears. Tackles and overturns.”

Crazy Swedish ad writers.

Americans can pick one of these 1GB players supporting MP3, WMA, and OGG up for a little over $100 plus around $40 for shipping from Sweden.

Update: Fosfor Gadgets has a great review of this player here.

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Qoolqee i, Another Cool Player

qoolqee i Qoolqee i, Another Cool Player

I don’t know if we will ever see any of these Qoolqee players in the States, but if this MP3 player sounds anything like its sibling, the Qoolqee K7 it would definitely be a winner.

This is your standard flash player with a monochrome screen, FM tuner, and 20 hour battery life on a single AAA battery. The “i” will support MP3, WMA, and OGG. No word on when and where this player will be released.

[Mvain via DAPreview]

Qoolqee K7 Review

qoolqee k7 Qoolqee K7 Review

The Qoolqee K7 boasts a 65,000 1.5” color display, dual headphone inputs, jog dial for and easy menu navigation, 20 hour battery life, FM tuner, and unlimited ways to customize both the sound and display. The player has a plethora of other features and is able to play MP3, WMA, and OGG files. But the one this player excels in is sound quality which is produced by a high end Wolfson 24bit DAC.

I choose to review this player because it is one of those gems overlooked by the US market. Even though the United States may never see this player, by creating some attention it may help to bring it stateside some day.

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