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RCA Lyra RD2315 Sport MP3 Player

rca lyra rd2315 RCA Lyra RD2315 Sport MP3 Player

RCA has an interesting looking MP3 player out. DAPreview suggests that it “shaped like a bong” but I would say it looks more like “digital bowl” if you will. This player is geared towards the athletic sports crowd. This “splash proof” sports MP3 player comes with a stop watch, calorie counter, pulse rate monitor, and arm band. In addition it has an FM tuner and the ability to record FM radio. 512mb of memory, voice recorder, line in, Audible support, PlaysForSure, 50 hours battery time, Dual orientation LCD screen. It has a pretty impressive lineup of features.

What I found really interesting is if you look closely at the bottom of the player there is a slot that says “Memory Stick Duo”. Could this be an additional slot for more memory? Is this the perfect companion to your new Sony PSP? Nothing in the product description mentions this. We will have to wait and see. It is not out yet but you can get inline at Amazon and pick one up for under a hundred twenty bucks.

[Amazon RCA Lyra RD2315 Sport MP3 Player]

RCA Lyra RD2762 at Walmart

rca lyra rd2762 RCA Lyra RD2762 at Walmart
This RCA showed up online at Walmart the other day according to an article on dapreview. The player is like a stripped down version of the RCA RD2765, with no color and less storage. It retails for $178.87 and at the time it is only available at Walmart at the moment. Dear RCA, I think that you will have to do better than that considering that the Zen Micro is only $20 more and has an extra gig. Not to mention its much easier on the eyes.