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We Get Handsy With Samsung’s MyFit

samsung myfit We Get Handsy With Samsung’s MyFit

We got some one-on-one time with Samsung’s new Myfit player at CES today. The Myfit is geared more toward helping you reach your fitness goals than playing media– although it’s quite capable of that as well.

MyFit features a 2.4” 320×240 TFT display, FM radio and a respectable 40 hour battery life (5 video). Where MyFit really shines is with its fitness oriented features, such as the food library which will provide you with basic nutrition info on that greasy burger you’re about to wolf down. And to help you burn that burger off, there’s a library of 90 activities, which it will audibly talk you through.

The most interesting part of the MyFit, however, is its sensors. There’s a sensor on the top which is capable of checking your pulse and stress levels, and the player will recommend songs based on your current stress level. It has an accelerometer to track your steps and calories burned. The player can also analyze body fat by pressing the top of the player to the area you want analyzed– although, we’re not exactly sure how it accomplishes this. Sorcery, we assume.

Look for the MyFit early this year in 8 and 16GB flavors. Still no word on retail pricing, unfortunately. Pics after the jump.

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Samsung’s IceTouch: Funkiest Player of 2010?

icetouch Samsung’s IceTouch: Funkiest Player of 2010?

Samsung just announced one of its latest players, the IceTouch. And we’re not gonna lie, it kind of looks like a giant home pregnancy test of some kind.

The player (which will make an appearance at CES in Vegas, where we will surely mock it in person) features a unique transparent 2″ AMOLED touch display with some sort of glass/plastic injected casing, 16GB of storage, and Samsung’s touchwhiz sweep interface. It also supports a large number of A/V codecs, including the new lossless MP3hd.

There’s a reason this is the worlds first PMP with a transparent display, because it’s ridiculous. I’m sorry Samsung, I don’t need to be looking at my feet through the display. I just don’t.

No word yet on pricing or release dates.


Samsung R1 Preview

samung r1 pics main Samsung R1 Preview

The Samsung R1 has yet to see light of store shelf in the US and will be dropping in the EU within a matter of days. The R1 is similar to the rest of the Samsung family but adds video out and some unique DJ features as seen in the screen shots below. We will have a review when released in the US but in the mean time many thanks go out to our Samsung moderator lebellium for putting this photo preview together for us. Lots of photos below. Enjoy.

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Samsung Unveils YP-M1 at IFA in Berlin

Samsung YP M1 DMB Samsung Unveils YP M1 at IFA in Berlin
Samsung earlier this week unveiled its latest PMP offering, the YP-M1, at the 2009 IFA in Berlin. The M1 is being touted by some as Samsung’s answer to the Zune HD, mainly because it’s sporting Nvidia’s powerful new Tegra chipset under the hood.

The YP-M1 features a 3.3-inch 480×272 AMOLED touchscreen, 720P playback and will be available in 8,16 and 32GB flavors. It also features a micro-SD slot, bluetooth support, and built-in stereo speakers. Noticeably absent is WiFi support. Without WiFi, the M1 may have a tough time going up against the Zune HD.

The YP-M1 should be available in the UK later this month. No word yet on whether or not the M1 will make an appearance in the States. In the meantime check out the video demo below.

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Tegra Powered Samsung M1 Demo Videos

samsung m1 ui Tegra Powered Samsung M1 Demo Videos

The Nvidia Tegra is the hot chip to hit the PMP and MP3 player scene. 50 Tegra devices are in the product pipes- from PMPs, mobile phones, media pads, and set top boxes. (If you are interested in the Tegra, there is a great video interview on Hexus discussing this.) So far only two have been publicly announced: the Zune HD and the Samsung M1. The M1 seems to be another worthy competitor and from the looks of the UI demos, it looks more like a successor to the P3- call it a Tegra enabled P3.

The M1 has been released in Korea with Europe to follow next month. No word on a US release, but my guess would be that we might have to wait or it may not be release due to the inclusion of DMB. Continue below for several videos of the M1.

[GenMP3 | LJdG | M1 Forums]

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Samsung R1 User Interface Demoed

The Samsung R1 will look familiar to P3 owners- it shares the same structure with some added features. The one big difference is the R1’s UI is in landscape mode compare to the P3 and it looks a bit more comfortable. The screen resolution is slightly smaller than the P3 at 400×240 (2.6”) but the main difference is the video out function for up to 5 hours of playback. Like the P3 the R1 will have be able to playback most codecs you throw at it without transcoding.

The R1 should appear sometime in September. Priced only in Euros for now but USD will likely correspond- €150/€200/€280 for 8GB/16GB/32GB.

[Le Journal du Geek | GenMP3]

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Samsung M1 Gets Tegra- Gives Zune HD Some Competition

samsung m1 tegra main Samsung M1 Gets Tegra  Gives Zune HD Some Competition

Just a few weeks ago the Samsun M1 was leaked in our forums with little detail. But some of those details are starting to emerge on Samsung’s Korean site. On the site we get more of a clear image of the device along with a few more specs such as a 3.3” AMOLED screen and NVIDIA chip. The site however only mentions the non-us version infused with DMB- a digital broadcasting technology not available in the US. We will have to keep our fingers crossed for a US appearance.

It’s exciting to see this next wave of PMP and MP3 players take advantage of this new generation of powerful graphics chips. The M1 and the Creative Zii will be some great alternatives to the Zune HD for those who want a more open approach to their media players.

[Samsung Korea via dapreview]

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Samsung M1 Leaked = Omnia Minus the Phone?

samsung m1 main Samsung M1 Leaked = Omnia Minus the Phone?

One of our forum members dug up some of the Bluetooth certification papers on the M1. A few days later in that same thread a leaker posted a photo of this mysterious player. From the papers we know that it will have Bluetooth and a 3.3” screen. From the photos it looks like it could be a phone with a speaker at the top and perhaps what appears to be a mic in the form of a small slot at the bottom.

The papers do say it is a “Samsung MP3 Player” but it could be possible that it has extended features such some sort of VoIP application. It may also be possible that it will act like a full on phone connected to your existing phone though Bluetooth. That would be the natural progression from the P3 family since it does some really cool stuff like allowing you to dial your phone and talk from the P3.

One of our moderators is in the know about this player, but keeping us in the dark bound by those pesky legal agreements, says “But there is another interesting feature, secret for the moment icon wink Samsung M1 Leaked = Omnia Minus the Phone? ” “…something really interesting, the first time on a recent Samsung mp3 player”

[Samsung Forum]

Samsung R1 In Beta

samsung r1 main Samsung R1 In Beta

They guys at Journal Du Geek have been beta testing the Samsung R1 for a bit and have posted a few photos of it comparing it to that Cowon S9. As you can see it’s quite a bit smaller than the S9 and in turn smaller (3.4” x 1.8” x .35”) than the Samsung P3 but seems to have a lot of the same features including the same UI.

The 2.6” screen comes in 400×240 pixels and will playback all the same video formats at the P3 natively without conversion: Xvid, divx, H.264, and WMV. On the audio side all the good formats are supported: WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC, and FLAC. Bluetooth will also be a feature like the P3. The firmware is still a bit rough, so once that gets ironed out we will see an official announcement soon. The 32GB version will be priced at 270 Euros- so perhaps we will see it here in the states for around $300.

[Journal Du Geek | x2]

Samsung P3 I-Nique Case Review

p3 inique case main Samsung P3 I Nique Case Review

Here is a look at two differ cases from I-Nique: the Tuff-Luv leather case and a standard silicon case. The first leather case is made of genuine leather that is nice and soft to the touch. All of the necessary ports and buttons are exposed and are easily accessible so you don’t ever have to remove the case in order to charge it or operate any of buttons. The top buttons are covered when the flap is down, but I found it pretty easy to individually press each of the top three buttons while the flap was closed.

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