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“Zune Bug” Actually a Freescale Bug Affecting Toshiba Gigabeats Too

toshiba gigabeat bug “Zune Bug” Actually a Freescale Bug Affecting Toshiba Gigabeats Too

Props go to Mike at for putting these pieces together in an email conversation we were having.

Earlier the code for this infamous Zune bug showed up on Digg. This code is actually code written for Freescale’s MC13783 PMIC (PDF Whitepaper) and it seems like its affecting other players that have this PMIC like the Gigabeat S Series. This makes a lot of sense since the Zune 30 was heavily bases off of the Toshiba S series. So far it looks like the Gigabeat owners are trying the fix as the Zune 30 owners, letting it fully discharge. So far one user has been successful using this method and changing the date on his PC.

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Toshiba Gigabeat T802 – 8GB T400 Coming Soon?

gigabeat t802 Toshiba Gigabeat T802   8GB T400 Coming Soon?

Toshiba released an update to the T series, strictly in Japan at the moment. The Gigabeat T802 is simply an 8GB version of the T401. This is slightly different than the T400 we have here in the US in that the T401 has 802.11. There is a method to their naming madness. In related news they have also released a memory update to the U Series with a 4GB version.

The T400 is a fantastic player with great sound quality and really clean and straightforward interface, but only being a 4GB player, you will suffer from memory envy. Yeah, wi-fi might be a nice addition, but I think it might be a little more important to get some higher capacity Gigabeat T’s. I would kill for a 32GB Gigabeat T3200.

[AVWatch via Engadget]

Fake a Player Winner of the Toshiba Gigabeat T400

toshiba t400 contest Fake a Player Winner of the Toshiba Gigabeat T400

The contest to with the Gigabeat drew over 50 entries sparking the imaginations of real MP3 player users from all over the world. Some of them were gadgets we wished we could have in our hands now. Two particular entries that the mods lusted over were the member Inidgo’s Inigo Intrigue, a 128GB SSD wireless touch based PMP, or Kadajawi’s sexy phone player dubbed the k.urved.

However, sticking with the contest guidelines of the player’s convincingness and presentation there were a few that stood out as some pretty good fakes- these being the iAudio U7, Sansa Peach, Sansa Talon, and the Sansa Ultima. However, there can only be one winner of the grand (and only) prize of a brand new Toshiba Gigabeat T400 (one of my personal favorites).

…and the winner is…

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Toshiba Trades T400’s for Shure SE530’s at CES

toshiba shure Toshiba Trades T400’s for Shure SE530’s at CES

The Toshiba Gigabeat T400 has been one of my favorite players lately for its excellent sound quality- rivaling that of any Cowon player including the highly regarded X5. I’m not alone on this either- “golden ears” Matt Engstrom, Personal Audio Product Manager at Shure thinks so too.

When I stopped by the Shure’s booth I found out about a little side deal at CES 2008. Toshiba needed some high end headphones to demo their T400’s back at their booth, so they traded for some of Shure’s flagship SE530 headphones. Now, I didn’t get a chance to try this alleged match made in heaven, but do know that they sound awesome pair up with other equipment. So pairing these up would be a pretty killer portable audio set up. I plan on picking up a pair of SE530’s so I will keep you posted.

Photoshop a Fake Win a Toshiba Gigabeat T400

toshiba t400 contest Photoshop a Fake Win a Toshiba Gigabeat T400

In celebration of the New Year and in the spirit of CES 2008 let’s see who can come up with the most convincing fake. Be creative, give the player a name- im sure many of you can do better than some of Sony’s hard to remember alphanumeric titles or Creative’s latest lack-of-adjective Zen ____. Give the player specs- what features would you want on the player?

The winner will be chosen by our forum moderators based on how convincing the mockups are and the creativity of the fake. You may enter up to three different devices and any graphics program can be used, it does not have to be Photoshop. To enter post a thread in the contest forum located here. Please be sure to read the posting guidelines.

The winner will receive a Toshiba Gigabeat T400 and the contest will end on the 20 th of January 2008.

[ Contest | T400 Product Page ]

Toshiba Renovates the Gigabeat U-series

toshiba gigabeat u104 u205 u206 Toshiba Renovates the Gigabeat U series

Several updates are coming the way of the Gigabeat U-series this month in Japan, as Toshiba are introducing new versions of both the flat surface and cross-shaped control designs. Carrying the first of these designs, the U104 and U205 hold 1GB and 2GB of storage respectively and offer a glittered colored ring in pink, gold, or blue. The storage sizes are not the only difference, as the U205 also comes with FM tuner, FM transmitter, and a pair of canalphones.

Wearing the cross-shaped controls the U206 adopts all the functionality of the U205, but it will throw aside the pastel for metallic blue, red and brown. There is no talk of releasing the players elsewhere, but pricing stands at 9,980 Yen ($87) for the U104, and 14,800 Yen ($129) for both 2GB versions.

[Product Page via Impress]

Continue for more pictures.

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Toshiba Gigabeat V41 Flash PMP

toshiba gigabeat v41 Toshiba Gigabeat V41 Flash PMP

Toshiba has opted to switch from hard drive to flash memory for their latest V series media player. The Gigabeat V41 will contain 4GB of storage, certainly a contrast to the 80GB V801, but this can be increased by a full sized SD/SDHC card.

1Seg TV broadcasts can be streamed to the device or be recorded and played back on its 3.5-inch 262k color QVGA LCD. As you may expect, the V41 runs on a Windows Mobile OS and supports WMV, MP3, WMA (DRM), and WMA9 Lossless file formats, which can be played through a built-in speaker.

The battery lasts for an excellent 40 hours of audio and 13 of video (10 when viewing TV) and can be purchased in Japan from October 19th in black, blue, and beige colors.

[Press Release]

Toshiba Gigabeat T400 Arrives in the US

toshiba t400 Toshiba Gigabeat T400 Arrives in the US

Just weeks after the Toshiba introduced the T401 to Japan, the Gigabeat T-series is now being launched in the US. The T400 (basically identical to Japan’s T401S) will possess all that the T401 has to offer aside from its wireless capabilities.

A considerable improvement from the U-series is the 2.4-inch 262k color QVGA LCD, with the ability to playback 5 hours worth of WMV. H2C decoding technology and a 1-bit digital amp filter compliment the MP3, WMA (DRM), WMA Lossless, and WAV audio formats by compensating for audio quality lost in compression and yielding a signal-to-noise ratio of 95dB.

The black Wi-Fi-less device with choice of a blue, orange, or pink color trim (and matching ear bud cable) carries a $120 retail value.

[Product Page]

Toshiba Gigabeat U102 & U202 Review

toshibe gigabeat u main Toshiba Gigabeat U102 & U202 Review

There has not been much noise coming from Toshiba since the Gigabeat S Series hard drive based player. Well, that’s not including their recent involvement in the creation of the Zune. They are back at it with the Gigabeat U and, worth mentioning, an upcoming Windows CE based wi-fi flash player.

The U series comes in 1GB and 2GB sizes, featuring all the basics you would expect from a flash player and retailing for under $100 (commonly found for under $90). I have mostly good things to say about this Gigabeat, particularly the sound quality and simple interface. But there are a few downsides. Read on for a full look.

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Toshiba Gigabeat T401 and T401S

toshiba gigabeat t401 Toshiba Gigabeat T401 and T401S

One month after documents of an unreleased Gigabeat were spotted on the FCC’s site, Toshiba has revealed their new T series of flash players. The Gigabeat T401 and T401S will share identical specs, apart from the alleged Wi-Fi capabilities which will only be included in the T401 to provide access to internet content over a wireless network.

Both models will run Windows Mobile and be compatible with both MTP and MSC protocols. The 2.4-inch LCD can playback WMV in 320 x 240 pixels and 262k colors, and H2C technology will also be applied to the T series, to compliment the loss of sound quality in MP3 and WMA files.

A single storage capacity of 4GB is offered, which may suggest that a larger capacity is in the works. The battery can endure 16 hours of audio, and 5 of video and while there is no word on price, the T401 and T401S can be purchased in Japan from the 7th of September.

[Press Release]