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Venzero LINQ mini Wi-Fi DAP

venzero linq mini Venzero LINQ mini Wi Fi DAP

If the Wi-Fi capabilities of Venzero’s LINQ are appealing, but the video playback and 2.4-inch screen are just not of interest, then the LINQ mini may be the answer.

Containing the same ability to connect to over 9,000 internet radio stations around the world and stream music from your home computer through Windows Media Player 11, though the mini’s display is merely a 128 x 64 pixel monochrome LCD. It will also miss out on the OGG and AAC support provided by its larger sibling and storage space is limited to 1GB. Besides the ordinary MP3, WMA, and FM Radio it would not be a Venzero player without including the MusicMarker function. The battery will run for 20 hours when playing standard audio and five hours when receiving via Wi-Fi.

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Venzero LINQ is Wi-Fi Capable

venzero linq Venzero LINQ is Wi Fi Capable

Even though the LINQ is the second flash based portable media player with a 2.4-inch 262k color screen announced by Venzero this week, and lacks the FM transmitter featured by the FREQ, it is no less memorable. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it possible to tune in to internet radio, or receive streaming music from your home computer.

As well as performing what only the minority of other players can, the LINQ doesn’t fall short in providing 4GB of storage plus expansion through microSD, support for a wide range of file formats (MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC,OGG, JPEG, WMV, and MPEG4), voice recorder, and FM radio. Akin to most of Venzero’s products, the LINQ allows you to make the most of MusicMarker technology and will be surfacing in September for $200.

[Press Release via DAPreview]

Venzero FREQ Engages FM Transmitter

venzero freq Venzero FREQ Engages FM Transmitter

Venzero has released some information on a flash based PMP which will be introduced at the end of September. Appropriately named the FREQ, a rare inclusion of a built-in FM transmitter uses radio frequencies to broadcast its music to any other device with FM radio.

While format support is still unknown, the screen will be 2.4-inches and of course Venzero has incorporated their unique MusicMarker technology. Seeing that the FREQ’s capacity is also yet to be addressed, the $99 price tag will most likely belong to a 2GB version, but don’t be too quick to write off the possibility that a larger size could follow.

[Press Release via DAPreview]

Venzero miniONE Flash Player

venzero minione Venzero miniONE Flash Player

Remember the other 8GB ONE? This miniONE is just the same but comes in 1GB and 2GB flash sizes and sports a 1.3” color OLED 260k color screen. Like its bigger brother the miniONE will feature SharePort & MusicMarker. The first allows you to share and download media between players and UMS devices. MusicMarker will allow you to record a snip of a song that can be later identified when plugging it into your computer.

Venzero reports that it will be releasing three more players within the next few weeks. The miniONE will sell for $120 & $170 for the 1GB & 2GB versions, both of which will be available at the end of July.

[Venzero MiniONE via I4U]

Venzero ONE Featuring SharePort & MusicMarker

venzero one Venzero ONE Featuring SharePort & MusicMarker

The Venzero One is a new comer to the market set to release the ONE this June which will sell for a little under three hundred bucks. This sleek black 8GB player is equipped with some unique-to-the-industry features. One such feature, SharePort, will allow you to download from any UMS device via its dual integrated USB ports. The MusicMarker feature will allow you to identify any song by recording a few seconds with the player built in microphone via the online MusicMarker service.

In addition to these features the player will also feature a 2” 320 x 240 color screen for video and photo playback. The ONE will support MP3, WMA, WMA DRM, and OGG music formats. It will also record in uncompressed WAV format.

[Venzero via Engadget]