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Viliv P3 Prime shows up on the Viliv site

viliv p3 Viliv P3 Prime shows up on the Viliv site

Viliv is one of those companies that make somewhat niche products that are still very impressive- such as the Viliv S5 and X70 UMPCs, the new S10 convertible netbook etc. Now a new Viliv device has popped up on their website, the P3 Prime media player.

Unfortunately Viliv like Cowon likes to incorporate their Klingon writing in pictures, so Google translate is utterly useless in trying to figure out what this thing can do. From the few words that are understandable on the product page, it’s clear that it’s a 3.7″ AMOLED device with a resolution of 480×800. It appears to be running a dual OS Android and Windows CE combo, and possibly the Android version is even 2.1.It has a heap of SRS and other sound enhancements and play MP3, FLAC and APE.It also apparently plays 720p video, although which formats are unknown (probably all, MKV is mentioned in another spec sheet though that’s not really a format). It has a MicroUSB connector as well as a MicroSDHC card slot.

There has also been some leaked information abuot this thing earlier, and if that still stands true the Windows CE version is 6.0, it has an 800Mhz Arm Cortex CPU, capacitive touch screen, accelerometer, WiFi and comes in capacities up to 32GB.

Without a complete set of confirmed features it’s hard to tell if this is any good, but so far it seems awesome. If they can pull off running Android, it might be the device that Archos failed miserably trying to make with the Archos 5 IT. Viliv generally know what they’re doing (contrary to Archos) and from the looks of the device it’s very streamlined, but it remains to be seen how it performs. Take a look at the product page for pictures and if someone knows Korean and care to translate or fill in details let me know.

[Product page|YouTube]

Viliv S5 Review

viliv s5 main Viliv S5 Review

Today is the day millions have been waiting for- the day the iPad is released. However, not everyone buy into a $500 device that lacks things like support for Flash and Java. Luckily the iPad isn’t the only tablet out there, so we though the best way of celebrating the iPad’s release day was with a review of something that can do everything the iPad can’t- the Viliv S5.

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