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Yurbuds Ironman Endure Pro – Dry Mic Review

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Not long ago, I got my hands on some sport focused earbuds from the team over at Yurbuds. Designed for athletes, by athletes. The idea behind the Yurbuds team is to give users headphones that won’t fall out under the most grueling conditions. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed in the performance of the headphones, not being able to get a comfortable and stable fit. The sound quality wasn’t up to par either, but clearly the idea behind the brand is focused on the fit and comfort. I was hoping round two would bring some much needed improvements to the lineup, as I truly liked the focus from the Yurbuds team to provide active individuals with another choice in the under developed world of quality active headphones.

Well, recently Yurbuds contacted me to review their newest addition to the lineup, the Endure Pros. The new design adds an over the ear stabilization loop as well as a 3 button mic and remote to control your media. They sound like welcome improvements, but can they topple the Sennheiser MX 85′s from the active headphone throne? Let’s read on to find out… Continue reading…

Yurbuds Ironman Review

001 4 520x781 Yurbuds Ironman ReviewOne of the more difficult types of headphones to find on the market are ones for training and gym use.  There are high end buds for analyzing music, and full size bass heavy cans for pumping out thundering levels of low end to leave your body shaking.  But finding a good quality set of headphones to sound great, stay in place, and be durable for some light running or intense workout sessions is a chore.  There simply aren’t many to choose from on the market.  Enter the Yurbuds Ironman series earbuds.  While I and most people here stay far away from “marketing” claims and endorsements, these had me intrigued.  There wasn’t a big name behind them, and the focus was on the fit and comfort for grueling training sessions.

Can they keep up with a grueling training schedule, or do they fall flat like most others?

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