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Win One of Three Zune Kicker Docks at Zuneboards and ABI

At Zuneboards they are giving away two Kicker speaker docks for the Zune: the ZK350 and the ZK150. If you recall my two reviews on them, they are very impressive- so you don’t want to miss these. The rules are simple just make a image signature on Zuneboards with anything kicker in it. No graphic talent needed, one Kicker dock will be chosen for the best signature and one will be chosen at random just for participating. Check out Zuneboards for the details.

zune docks win them Win One of Three Zune Kicker Docks at Zuneboards and ABI

But wait there is more!

Not to leave ABI out of this, we will give away the ZK500 here on ABI in a similar fashion. Simply create Zune HD wallpaper with anything Kicker in it. Details in the Zune Forum.

ProClip USA: Professional Device Mounts for Your Car

proclip main ProClip USA: Professional Device Mounts for Your Car

For the many years of owning MP3 players and portable devices I have always just thrown my MP3 players and mobile phones in the little dash holes or center console. It’s always a royal pain scrabbling to answer the phone or change the tracks and I hate to admit it has nearly caused accidents.

I had dash mounts before, but they were always such rubbish. They clipped awkwardly onto the vent louvers and I actually broke the vent in one of my dope rides (‘88 Civic wagon) back in college. With those painful experiences I have been put off by car mounted devices.

I have been eyeing this ProClip setup for many years, but am finally getting a change to check them out.

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Alpine iDA-X100 Head Unit Sans CD Player

alpine ida x100 Alpine iDA X100 Head Unit Sans CD Player

When I first got a car the first thing I did of course was put in a serious system, but back then it wasn’t about fidelity, it was about how many woofers you could fit in the trunk. Yeah I was one of those kids… I know my way around car audio quite well, but I have been out of it for so long I’m not to hip to the new technologies. The other day I decided to fill the hole where my last head unit was previously jacked. Apparently someone wanted it more than I did, but it gave me an excuse for a new toy.

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IME Dock Combats In-Vehicle Obsolescence

ime dock ces IME Dock Combats In Vehicle Obsolescence

There are a few problems with in-vehicle accessories such as player docks and other player specific accessories. Let’s say that you bought an iPod and had a dock professionally installed to look and work seamlessly with your car’s stereo or after market head unit. Then you finally see all the cool features and devices you are missing outside of the fascist iPod ecosystem. Now you have to tear out that incredibly slick install you just paid top dollar for.

IME has developed and answer to this problem with the IME Dock. The modular dock system will give you a clean install and allow you to upgrade your device across different brands. Each dock will power and supply audio and video line out to your factory stereo or after market head unit.

Currently docks for Microsoft Zune, SanDisk Sansa, and iPod. But IME also has future plans for other players and mobile phones. An interesting thing that I found out while talking with IME was that the Zune dock system has been selling the most preorders. Go Zune!

Soon to be released the dock system will sell for $250 and include one snap on dock for the brand of your choice. When you are ready to change brands a new dock will only cost you around $90. I will be checking one of these out as soon as they are released. This will be a very useful accessory for my massive collection of MP3 players.

[IME Dock]

IME Dock Standardizes Car Audio Integration

ime dock IME Dock Standardizes Car Audio Integration

Integrated Mobile Electronics is aiming to standardize integration of portable MP3 players in your car. The IME Dock seamlessly connects to your auto’s audio and video systems and will work with several different players by simply swapping out the dock and leaving everything else installed intact. At launch the dock will be compatible with the Zune, iPod, Creative Zen Vision:M, SanDisk Sansa e200, and the iRiver clix. The website also mentions that you will be able to control your player of choice “hands free.”

Seems like a great idea that will allow you to easily upgrade your MP3 player without having to reinstall and purchase completely new accessories. No word on pricing yet, but it should be soon. The IME Dock is currently being shown off at SEMA in Vegas.


One Reason to Buy a Honda CR-V – In-dash Compact Flash

honda crv cf small One Reason to Buy a Honda CR V   In dash Compact Flash

Not too long ago we saw a compact flash slot in the 2007 Infinity G35 and now the trend continues into more “affordable” autos. Now appearing in Honda’s new CR-V EX-L model with the optional navigation system, this MP3 player will set you back thirty grand. There are no specifics on Honda’s website but we do know that it will play MP3 and WMA audio files. The slot appears to be a standard PCMCIA with a CF card adapted, so possibly other memory can be used.

The auto industry is always slow to implement new audio technologies, but it is starting to move in the right direction. Before you know it, proud Kia owners will have memory slots of their own.

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Roadstar CD240MPR512 Head Unit with Removable MP3 Player

roadstarCD240MPR512 Roadstar CD240MPR512 Head Unit with Removable MP3 Player

Head units with built-in MP3 players and USB inputs have been around for a while, but this one by Roadstar steps it up with a removable 512MB digital audio player (MP3 and WMA) that features a voice recorder and direct encoding capabilities from the in-dash CD/radio. The head unit itself boasts a 4-channel, 4 x 40W FM/MW PLL tuner with RDS, 30 preset stations and 4 EQs, CD/-R/-RW compatibility, and ID3-tag support.

The mouthful-of-a-name CD240MPR512 is available now for about $240.

[Product Page via Tech Digest]

Boxwave VersaCharger Pro – Power to Your Player

boxwave versacharger Boxwave VersaCharger Pro   Power to Your Player

Many posts ago we took a look at a solution to keeping your MP3 player charged on-the-go in a post appropriately titled “Charging Your USB MP3 Player Without a Computer”. The question, charging sans computer, is so frequently asked that I thought I would cover another cool solution.

The Boxwave VersaCharger Pro will cover your home and auto charging needs in one light compact form factor. Additionally it will charge your player on the plane with an optional airline adapter.

Although this post is not sequentially named, consider this “Part Two” of “Charging Your USB MP3 Player Without a Computer” and check out more info and photos below.

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Clarion DB365USB Head Unit with USB Input

clarion usb 1 Clarion DB365USB Head Unit with USB Input

I have been shopping around for a car audio MP3 solution; something aside from connecting a portable player. I don’t like connecting a portable MP3 player in the car because it is just a flat out pain and it is not a clean solution. Plus the Florida sun has already cooked a few LCD screens mounted to my front dash.

We have seen USB head units in the past but they been off brands that have been difficult to purchase. However, Clarion, known for their higher end car audio components, now makes one that supports MP3 and WMA via burned CDs or USB input. MSRP is $260 on Clarion’s website but can be found at Crutchfield for $160.

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Pioneer DEH-P810 – In-dash A2DP Bluetooth

pioneer deh p810 Pioneer DEH P810   In dash A2DP Bluetooth

Forget the clumsy cassette adapters and poor sounding FM modulators; wirelessly transmit your music in style to you Pioneer Carrozzeria head unit with your Bluetooth enabled MP3 player. Well, Bluetooth MP3 players are few and far between for now, but more are in the works. The Pioneer DEH-P810 Carrozzeria will start selling in Japan at the end of this month for around 73,500 yen or around $660 USD.

[Press Release via Akihabara]

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