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The Resolution Revolution

resolution 520x292 The Resolution Revolution

2 years ago I wrote an article explaining some basic differences between various video (and screen) resolutions that were common back then. In just two years, we have seen a massive increase in what is considered “normal” resolution for a mobile device, as well as a decrease in screen size. We’ve gone from 800×480 4.8″ media players to 960×640 3.5″ devices at half the price, and the resolution war is just beginning. The question we have to ask though is whether there’s really any point to it.

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ABi’s Definitive Guide to MP3 Players

abi def guide ABi’s Definitive Guide to MP3 Players

Over the last couple of years we’ve posted a lot of feature articles that aim to explain all the individual aspects of having an MP3 player. From choosing a player, charging it, tagging files, finding music, transferring music and so on. It’s a lot of individual articles spread across the site, and unfortunately a blog system isn’t suited for easy access to timeless articles. This post will serve as a hub for all the feature articles on the site in order for you, the readers, to find them more easily. Some topics haven’t been covered (yet!), so feel free to leave a comment with requests for future articles.

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Transfer Protocol Rundown

mscmtp Transfer Protocol Rundown

Transferring music to your player can be a pain in the rear bumper sometimes, especially if you require special software to do so. There are currently three methods used by various companies to transfer content, and a lot of people are unaware of the differences between them and what the pros and cons of each are. The MTP vs MSC debate is pretty heated in the forums where most here prefer MSC for its simplicity, but there are still legitimate reasons to use MTP or software. This article explains the different methods of transferring media and the features of each protocol.

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MP3 Player Battery Guide

battery guide MP3 Player Battery Guide

MP3 players are utterly useless without power, so naturally this is a very important aspect of any player. There’s a lot of confusion going around both with regards to charging the batteries, preserving their maximum capacity and maximizing the play time per charge. Read on for a guide.

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How to create playlists on an MP3 player

playlists main How to create playlists on an MP3 player

Whenever you get a new device of any kind there’s a lot of stuff to learn to make the most of it, and not all of it is self-explanatory. For MP3 players there are many things to learn if you want to use the player fully, and one of these is definitely playlist creation. Sure you can see there’s a playlist option in the menus, but that list is empty! Read on to learn what to do to fill this magic list.

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How many songs can an MP3 player hold?

howmanysongs main How many songs can an MP3 player hold?

This is a question that a lot of people ask. While it might seem like a dumb question to a lot of advanced users, not everyone is familiar with how the digital audio technology works, and to fuel that fire the resellers and manufacturers often list an approximate number of songs for various players- with very small footnotes clarifying the specs of the files used. While technically accurate, it’s still a fair bit misleading as the people who would ask for the number of songs instead of capacity in the first place are those that won’t know what bitrate or any of that stuff is. Read on to get a quick introduction to MP3 player capacity.

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Download ABi>> Wallpapers

ABi wallpaper main Download ABi>> Wallpapers

Want to show off your ABi>>-ness at all times? Hit the jump for a variety of ABi>> branded, original wallpapers. Most of them are 1920×1080 so they should fit even high res monitors. Right click the images and select “save as” to download the full image.

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Top 5 MP3 Players of 2009

top 5 2009 Top 5 MP3 Players of 2009

It’s that time of year when we lay out our top picks for the year. 2009 was the year of the touch player- consumers demanded them and manufactures responded. If you notice that this year’s list resembles last years and that’s because many of the manufacture’s this year made some awesome incremental improvements in their current line of players. Without spoiling anything else, read on for this year’s top 5 list.

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USB Charging Guide

usbchargers 1 USB Charging Guide

USB has been the standard for charging pretty much any small electronic gadget for years now but there is still some confusion about both what USB charging means in regards to compatibility and how you can charge USB equipment without a computer. Read on for a breakdown on USB charging.

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How To Make a Tiny Interconnect

icavatar How To Make a Tiny Interconnect

Interconnects, IC for short, are the cables that go between your player and another device with an input jack – a car stereo, home stereo, or a portable headphone amp. The problem with the latter of those setups is that the amp is often directly under the player and so you really only need 2cm of cable to make the connection, but they don’t make cables that short. As a result, a lot of people drag around long cables that are just inthe way. There’s no need to. Read on for a guide on how to make your own tiny bridge-interconnect.

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