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iHome Zune ZN9 Clock Radio & ZN10 Table Radio

ihome zune iHome Zune ZN9 Clock Radio & ZN10 Table Radio

Ok… before you laugh at the brand names ridiculous prefix, hear me out. I have listened to the iHome stuff for the iPod- a few of the clock radios and they sound fantastic for the price, so I’m pretty hyped to see one for the Zune. I have a few Zunes laying around that need a home (yeah what a terrible problem to have).

Cesar over at Zune Insider reports that this is the first clock radio (ZN9) for the Zune that will features a gradual wake or sleep to your favorite crunchy tunes. Additionally, you have the ability to set the alarm for weekends and weekdays. The table radio (sorry not pic available) is housed in a “retro-classic” wooded speaker cabinet with a line in for other non-Zune gadgets.

I will definitely pick one up, but I really wish they would change the brand name- it kind of creeps me out.

[iHome via ZuneThoughts]

Mvix MX-780HD Media Center With Built-in Torrent Client

mvix mx780hd main Mvix MX 780HD Media Center With Built in Torrent Client

This is one of those little know devices that I am a huge fan of. I own and did a review on one of the first Mvix media centers a while ago, the MV-5000U. Aside from its crude interface, I thought it was a fantastic device being able to play many different formats along with DVD ISOs turning it to a true DVD jukebox. It is still one of my most used devices to this day. So you can see why I am excited to see this third gen Mvix.

The newest version, the Mvix MX-780, adds HDMI out for resolutions of to 1080p (in addition to other outputs, see after the jump). There are many different ways you can play media on the box: stream it from your computer (Wi-Fi or Ethernet), transfer it via USB as a standard MSC drive, connect an MSC drive to the USB host on the back, set it up as a NDAS network drive and drop files on, and of course add an internal IDE or SATA drive. Additionally, you are able to tune into free internet radio for music content.

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Sony WA1 Wireless Boombox

sony vaio wa1 Sony WA1 Wireless Boombox

Looking for a way to listen to your entire music collection anywhere around the house? The Sony VAIO WA1 wireless boombox certainly provides a convenient way to do it by streaming ATRAC, MP3, WMA, and AAC music formats over an existing wireless home network from any PC.

The WA1 uses SonicStage, iTunes, and Windows Media Player, but on-unit controls, a remote control, and an LCD displaying five lines of text makes selecting and viewing music simple. Analogue and digital audio-out ports connect your computer’s music to your home stereo, but music isn’t limited to your computer’s library, as the option of listening to internet radio is also given. Music can be played independently of a computer with 128MB of internal memory and a line-in stereo input to connect to a portable device.

Considering that Sony’s wireless boombox is mostly for use around the house, the four-hour battery life shouldn’t be too limiting. The $350 price tag includes a six-band graphic equalizer, headphone jack, and alarm clock.

[Product Page via Akihabara News]

Mvix MX-760HD Wireless HD Media Center

mx760hd Mvix MX 760HD Wireless HD Media Center

I was excited to get this press release in my mailbox today because I am a big fan of Mvix’s older model the MX-5000U. (Check out the review) It is something I use nearly every day for audio during the day but mostly downloaded video at night. The best thing about it is that it lets you take full advantage of your HDTV by rescaling to fit nicely on the screen.

My only complaint with the last version is that I had to keep unhooking it to load more content. The new MX-760HD solves this problem with a wireless connection and USB hosting. The media center has component and DVI output for true 1920 x 1080 progressive scan output. One of my other favorite features is the ability to playback DVD VOB or ISO files, but of course it also plays, DivX, XviD, AVI, MPEG, WMV, and ASF to mention the major ones. The MX-760HD will ship next week and sell for $330.

[Product Page]

Slim Devices Transporter – Audiophile Tunes Unwired

transporter main Slim Devices Transporter   Audiophile Tunes Unwired

Are your ears too special for your “low-end” MP3 player? Slim Devices, maker of the Squeezebox, has introduced the Transporter for your home audio set up. This audio delight is packed with a 120dB signal-to-noise ratio AKM AD4390 digital audio converter for some serious unadulterated sound. To put that in perspective, typical consumer grade audio products have a SNR or below 100dB. The Transporter will stream the major codecs like WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA and FLAC from a computer or NAS over WiFi.

Too many acronyms and techno mumbojumbo? All you need to know? …you can pre order it for $2k and get a free $400 squeeze box while you wait.

[Slim Devices via Engadget]

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Mvix MV-5000U Review

mvix mv 5000u main Mvix MV 5000U Review

Stepping out of the PMP and portable MP3 player realm, I wanted to explore some home based devices. This was mainly for my own need of viewing my media in my living room. There are quite a few ways to get your media to your home theater. I wanted to be able to take full advantage of My HDTV, so PMPs like the Zen Vision:M with VGA output were not going to cut it. I also looked at other media center solutions, but they were either cost prohibitive or lacking in playable formats.

I settled on the Mvix MV-5000U. It has its pros and cons, but overall it took care of everything I needed to view my media on my HDTV. This device covers all of the major video codecs including: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, DivX XVID, DVD files (IFO,VOB), VCD files, and what really sold me on the device, DVD ISOs. All of these can be up converted to 1920 X 1080i. Additionally, it covers most major audio types and JPEG images.

So continue reading for a full rundown of all the features and see if it matches your home theater media needs.

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Pioneer VSX-516 – 6.1ch MP3 Playing Home Theatre

pioneer usb reciever Pioneer VSX 516   6.1ch MP3 Playing Home Theatre

USB slots with digital audio playback seem to be popping up all over the place and they are starting to make their way into higher end home audio starting with this Pioneer receiver. The receiver’s front panel contains a USB port that supports WMA, MP3, AAC and WMA9 Pro for lossless playback. Plug in any UMS device including UMS based MP3 players and you are ready to go.

Now if I could only get a toaster with a USB slot for podcast playback during my morning routine.

[Source via Engadget]

Sonos ZonePlayer ZP80 Bundle Under a Grand

sonos zoneplayer zp80 Sonos ZonePlayer ZP80 Bundle Under a Grand

Sonos is now selling the ZP80, which is an ampless version of the ZP100. The ZP80 bundle will include two ZonePlayers and a Sonos Controller and sell for $999. Other wise the components cost $350(x2) and $400 respectively.

The Sonos system will unwire your house bringing music to any room you want by streaming music from your NAS or computer hard drive. It will also stream anything input into the back of the ZonePlayer whether it be radio, TV, or your portable MP3 player.

[Press Release via Engadget]