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Napster To Go Compatible with New Mobile Phones

motorola q Napster To Go Compatible with New Mobile Phones

Napster announced that it is Napster To Go and Napster single track downloads will be compatible with a number of different phones including the much anticipated Mototola Moto Q. The phones will be available from all the major US and UK carries such as, BellSouth, Cingular, O2, Orange, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and, Vodafone. While it does not mention that you will be able to download and use Napster wirelessly, you can expect to see this in the near future which will help sell the carries high-speed 3G networks.

Here is a list of the newly compatible phones:

Audiovox PPC4100, Audiovox SMT5600, HP iPAQ HW6515, i-mate PDA2k, i-mate SP3/SP3i, Motorola MPX220, Motorola Moto Q, Orange SPV C500, Orange SPV M5000, Samsung i300, Samsung SCH-i730, Samsung SP-i600, Siemens SX66, T-Mobile MDA Pro, Treo 650 with Pocket Tunes, Verizon XV6600 and Vodafone VPA IV.

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Napster Gets in on the XM Radio Deal

xm napster Napster Gets in on the XM Radio Deal

A day after Samsung announced that they would be working with XM Radio to bring listeners XM content to portable music devices via an online service, Napster and XM announce they will be working together to create “XM + Napster”, which is most likely related to the Samsung deal.

Other major news reports that Apple is locked out of the XM deal. Back in February Sirius sat down with Apple to discuss a partnership, but Steve Jobs said that he did not see the point of combining the two. I’m going to agree with Steve on this one. Satellite radio and portable MP3 players are two different market segments. XM radio must be feeling the pressure from the booming digital audio player paired with cheap unlimited music services to make such a bold move.

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Microsoft Wants to Take a Bite Out of iTunes' Market Share

msn music Microsoft Wants to Take a Bite Out of iTunes' Market Share

Microsoft Wants to Take a Bite Out of iTunes Market Share.
Apple reported in May that they possess 82% of the digital download market. Microsoft is planning to release its own music download service based around a subscription model. In addition they are negotiating with copyright holders to allow them to transfer songs purchased from iTunes to their own secure WMA format allowing users to choose from a wide selection of MP3 players.

The fact is that Apple cannot continue with an 82% market share for much longer. Microsoft has the money to throw at this market. They also have outlets they can tie in with their music service, such as the video game market. Imagine being able to connect your mp3 player to your Xbox or PS3 to download music. Many people who own game consoles do not own computers, this is an untapped market. However, at the same time I do not wish for the demise of Apple and iTunes it is always good to have a choice.


Would you like fries with that music download?

mc donalds music downloads Would you like fries with that music download?
McDonalds is always adding some sort of seemingly non-ancillary services to get our money. Right now Mickey D’s is test piloting these music downloading kiosks in a suburban Chicago store. In addition to music downloads, they will offer digital photo printing, ring tones, and internet browsing. They have already tested similar kiosks in Munich, Germany and plan to roll out 1,250 more.

It’s not likely to see lines of people at these kiosks. This is just another Mickey D’s fad produced by clueless out of touch executives, who were forced by shareholders to come up with additional revenue producing products. (ie. McDonalds “I’d Hit It” campaign”) You can only sell so much unhealthy food to so many people.

[Seattle Times]

$1,538.24 For Unlimited Downloads For Ever!

yahoo music unlimited $1,538.24 For Unlimited Downloads For Ever!Mr. Benefactor makes an amazing point about RIAA’s war on illegal file sharing in his blog. Mark Cuban points out that with the introduction of Yahoo!’s Unlimited music service, they have essentially capped the market value of music thus limiting the amount that RIAA ought to be able to claim as damages to $5 per month when they sue kids.

“The RIAA can no longer claim that students who are downloading music are costing them thousands of dollars each. They can’t claim much of anything actually. In essence, Yahoo just turned possession of a controlled music substance into a misdemeanor. Payable by a $5 per month fine.”
[Blog Maverick]

So what if you could just pay that $5 per month for the rest of your life all at once? You could essentially be immune from all lawsuits and download anything and everything for one lump sum payment…

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Yahoo! Music Unlimited Music Gets Cheap

yahoo music unlimited Yahoo! Music Unlimited Music Gets CheapAt $7 a month (or $5 a month billed annually) it’s a bargain if you are willing to give up some privacy. Upon installing the software you will find that the usage data collection is non stop throughout the plethora of interwoven Yahoo! software and services that are installed onto your machine. There is also a social networking feature that allows you to share your music P2P style with other users.

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