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eMusic Review

emusic main eMusic Review

With Amazon MP3 and iTunes out of the way- the two immediate giants in the music store world- it’s time to turn to some of the smaller services. First off is eMusic.

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iTunes Music Store Review

itunes music store main iTunes Music Store Review

You might wonder what anything with “iTunes” in the title is doing on a site called Anything but iPod. Well, iTunes made the leap from DRM to DRM free earlier this year, and suddenly the biggest digital music store was open for use with any MP3 player- not only the iPod. 11 million songs and international (albeit not global) availability sounds like a killer combination, but how well does it work for non-iPod MP3 players?

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Amazon MP3 Review

amazon mp3 main Amazon MP3 Review

Having gone through an reviewed some of the most popular music organization applications for MP3 players it’s time to turn to the other part of the equation: how to get a hold of media in the first place. Amazon MP3 is the first in a series of reviews that will test to see what media stores offer the best value for money, has the best selection and the best overall experience.

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Music Software Review Roundup

musicsoftware main Music Software Review Roundup

Now that the major players (some pun intended) in the field have all been reviewed, it’s time to take a look at them all and decide which is the recommended choice for music organization software.

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J. River Media Jukebox 12 Review

jriver mj J. River Media Jukebox 12 Review

One of the most commonly suggested applications to review on ABi>> has been J. River’s software. Unfortunately the Media Center software is $50 and I therefore ignored it at first. Then someone linked to the free Media Jukebox, a stripped down version of the software that will only do music. Read on to see if it’s stripped down too much or still has a chance of scoring some points.

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foobar2000 v0.9.6.9 Review

foobar2000 foobar2000 v0.9.6.9 Review

While not a competitor to any of the other music organizing applications I’ve reviewed lately, foobar2000 deserves somewhat of a “special mention” for it’s computer side music playback capabilities. Read on for a quick review-slash-walkthrough.

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WinAmp 5.56 Review

winamp WinAmp 5.56 Review

Next up in my series of software reviews is an old champion that hasn’t changed much over the last few years. How will it hold up to the more updated music applications?

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MediaMonkey 3.1.1 Review

mediamonkey MediaMonkey 3.1.1 Review

Continuing my reader requested quest for the best music organizing software, I’ve made my way to one of the big ones in the field. MediaMonkey has been around for ages, and continues to stand as perhaps the single biggest independent music organizing application out there. Read on to see how it holds up.

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Windows Media Player 12 Review

wmp main Windows Media Player 12 Review

With Windows 7 just out , Windows Media Player 12 is slowly making its way onto PCs everywhere, replacing outdated version of a software mane – including me – haven’t really had much love for. Considering the amount of people using default applications, and WMP12′s ability to use Windows 7 features out of the box, I decided to take a closer look.

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Windows 7 Hits the Market

windows7 Windows 7 Hits the Market

Today is the day that Windows users have been waiting for since 2001- the day when Microsoft releases an XP update that isn’t complete and utter crap. Unlike Vista, Windows 7 maintains the low profile of Windows XP while also giving the user the interface of Vista. Many people had to skip Vista due to slow or old computers, but with Windows 7 you can run the newest version of Windows on more or less any machine that runs XP- including netbooks.

This is of course an MP3 player website and so computer operating systems isn’t normally our business, but the release of Windows 7 does bring a lot of features that directly affects how you use your MP3 player with the OS. Read on for a list of how WIndows 7 will improve your MP3 player experience.

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