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Anythingbutipad – We Would Rather Call Them Tablets

ibipad main Anythingbutipad – We Would Rather Call Them Tablets

The ‘pad seemed to be a big disappointment across the board of fans and foes. Whether it was due to the lack of Flash, multi-tasking, camera, USB input, removable battery, memory card reader, wide screen, …and the list goes on. The typical Apple hype machine failed, big time. Everyone were dismayed by the fact that its just a big ipod touch and that it was still stuck on AT&T’s network.

Oh and then there are all the feminine hygiene product jokes on that horrible horrible name for a product- something everyone seemed to agree upon. Like ipod became a generic name to describe an MP3 player- we will not stand by and watch the tablet computer be called a ipad- a form factor which Apple had nothing to to with its conception nor innovation!

These devices are called tablets- not ‘pads.There will never be an awkward moment when your female friend says “Check out my new ipad” and you instinctively glance at her nether region- embarrassingly realizing what you just did. Tablets. Tablets. Tablets!

Here at ABI we will be promoting this form factor and the use of the proper term tablet, in a new anythingbutipad section. In addition to the already amazing MP3 player reviews and content we will be doing the same for the tablet scene. A forward facing blog will arise soon on CrowdGather’s amazing new CMS, but for now we will be blogging and creating this content in our tablet sub forum. So join the conversation, there are already quite a few great posts on this blog to be:

Anythingbuipad – Tablets not Pads

How small is a small MP3 player?

player sizes main How small is a small MP3 player?

When choosing what MP3 player to buy, size plays a role for a lot of people. If you’re going to watch a lot of videos you will probably need a decent sized screen, but if music is your main priority you have a lot more choices. But between usability, features and physical size, how small is a small MP3 player?

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Viliv P3 and HD5 PMPs at CES 2010

viliv ces hd5 Viliv P3 and HD5 PMPs at CES 2010

Viliv has been around for a few years making ultra mobile PCs but will be releasing two PMPs. The P3, not to be mistaken for the Samsung P3, is a dual boot Adroid and Windows CE 6.0 player with an 800Mhz ARM based processor with a capacitive 800×480, 3.7” AMOLED screen. This player will be able to handle 720p MVK playback and come equipped with WiFi, accelerometer, and vibration motor (likely for haptics). Memory capacities will be 8GB, 16GB, 32GB but will also have a microSD card slot for expansion.

P1000974 thumb 150x112 Viliv P3 and HD5 PMPs at CES 2010

P1000975 thumb 150x112 Viliv P3 and HD5 PMPs at CES 2010

P1000984 thumb 150x112 Viliv P3 and HD5 PMPs at CES 2010

Taking a step up to a bigger screen and a more serious HD player is the Viliv HD5 that will play full 1080p video with the ability to pipe it to you TV though the HDMI port. The HD5’s screen is also a capacitive 800×480 screen but will be a larger 5” screen and will be LCD instead of the P3’s AMOLED. The player will be based on Windows CE 6.0 and playback full 1080p MVK files. Similar capacities to the P3 it will have an SD expansion slot.

I had a chance to check these out at CES and they are quite impressive and look forward to reviewing them once they become available a few months from now. No word on pricing yet.

ABI at CES Take Two

Tobey just announced yesterday that we will be tag teaming CES this year to bring you the latest on all things digital audio. Additionally, we will be making some cameo appearances on our other network sites like ZuneBoards, ABX Zone (Computer Tech), and possibly digging up some hardware based video game emulation for NGEmu.

Though I will say i am particularly looking forward to attending the NVidia press conference on the 7th. I have been really impressed with their low powered graphics solutions like the Tegra for PMPs, mobile phones, and tablet devices. With their current legal battles with Intel could open them up the the x86 platform.

You can follow out CES antics on twitter: Me, Tobey. If you don’t want to hear about out tech ramblings and various off topic rants you can follow the ABI RSS feed on twitter as well.

As for the other editors, we made our Associate Editor Andreas stay at home and carve us an army of wooden Hello Kitty figurines, but you can follow his random musings on twitter as well. As for our headphone editor, Martin aka DFKT, he is tangled in custom cables at the moment, so could not attend. He is not on twitter but you can follow his expert opinion in the forums.

Off to CES 2010 We Go!

CES Logo Off to CES 2010 We Go!

Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again. Manufacturers spend months planning and invest a ridiculous sum of money into these 4 days. It’s one of the few times where nerds from across the globe can come together and geek out in the real world without fear of being laughed or pointed at. I am of course talking about CES, which is happening this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re heading off to Vegas in search of the latest in portable audio tech and will of course bring our findings to you, right here.

See you in Vegas!

inhouse twitter Off to CES 2010 We Go!

Can’t get enough of us? Well, that’s hard to believe, but you can stay on top of our crazy behind the scenes Vegas antics by following this guy and this guy on Twitter.

Star Wars Lightsaber MP3 Player

lightsaber Star Wars Lightsaber MP3 Player

Remember the epic Star Trek Tricorder MP3 player from last year? Of course you do— we just gave a link. The Tricorder player undoubtedly had Star Wars fans in basements across the globe up in arms. Seethe no more Star Wars nerds, the novelty MP3 player industry hasn’t forgotten you.

Meet the Light Saber Kei, an MP3 player designed to look like a light saber. It’s also loaded with features: it’s got a microSD slot, and I think there’s some skip/volume buttons on there, maybe even a power button.

Okay, maybe it’s not the most feature-packed player we’ve seen. But it’s a light saber! That pretty much trumps everything. The player should be available in February, for a mere $24 from NCSX.


Goodbye, Zeros

Noughties Goodbye, Zeros

The decade is almost over, and it’s been quite a ride. In ten years, we’ve gone from MP3 players so embarrassingly bulky you could probably kill a large animal with them, to something so compact you could lose it in your very own pocket. We’ve gone from being able to take a handful of songs with us, to being able to carry entire collections. Noisy, bulky, mechanical storage was replaced by silent, compact, efficient flash memory. We’ve gone from syncing via parallel ports to being able to sync without wires at all. Black and white dot-matrix LCDs capable of showing a few lines of text are now full color, capable of displaying brilliant full-motion video.

Okay, so maybe Anything But iPod wasn’t around for the first part of the decade, but it’s been amazing bringing you the latest news and reviews for the second half. We’d like to say thank you for being here with us for the last 5 years, as none of this would be possible without you. We’re looking forward to being right here with you for the journey into the next ten years of audio player tech.

So here’s to the next 10, which hopefully will bring more amazing tech, flying cars, and meals in pills. Unfortunately, it will likely bring zombies instead. Lots of zombies.

What’d You Get This Year?

what4xmas What’d You Get This Year?

So Christmas has finally come and will soon be gone. Time to tear down the decorations, dump the tree on the curb—or in your neighbors yard—kick the relatives out and forget any of this ever happened. But before you do that, tell us what we’ve been dying to know: What did you get? A shiny new ZuneHD? Sansa Clip? Those headphones you’ve been eying? A toaster?

Let us know what the fat man brought you in the comments below.

By the way, we received a lump of coal. Apparently, what happened in Vegas, did not stay in Vegas.

SAFA Goes Low-Rez with the ‘TTing’ Player

safa tting SAFA Goes Low Rez with the ‘TTing’ Player

South Korean DAP maker SAFA just announced the release of its latest player, the TTing, which features a unique dot-matrix display comprised of 27 LEDs. Why two ‘T’s in the name you ask? Because that’s how SAFA rolls.

The 40x40x12mm player features 4 touch sensitive buttons around the face, 4 tactile buttons on the sides and a “G-sensor mode for interactive operation”—whatever that means. It also has a 12 hour battery life, and a speaker on the rear.

safa tting2 thumb 130x86 SAFA Goes Low Rez with the ‘TTing’ Player

The 27 pixel LED display probably won’t show you album art, but it can be programmed to display several icons and can also be used to play games such as “dice” and the age old game of “paper, stone, and scissors”. So, bonus.

safa tting1 thumb 130x86 SAFA Goes Low Rez with the ‘TTing’ Player

So where can you get it and for how much? We have no idea, SAFA failed to mention that. But we’ll venture to guess it’ll be released somewhere in South Korea, and judging by that FCC badge on the back, it may make a US appearance as well.

[SAFA, via PlayerBites]

Is That a Zune HD in your Pocket? No, It’s the MSI MT-V660!

ZHD imposter Is That a Zune HD in your Pocket? No, It’s the MSI MT V660!

Oh MSI MT-V660, did you think we wouldn’t notice your menu button? The plastic cover at the bottom? Your sharply tapered edges? You can put all the mirror like shine you want on those edges, but it’s not gonna fool us. You’d have to be blind—or really not care that much—to not notice the similarities between MSI’s new MT-V660 and the Zune HD.

MSI v660 thumb 130x94 Is That a Zune HD in your Pocket? No, It’s the MSI MT V660!

The MT-V660, which is powered by the Rockchip RK2806 (no Tegra to be found here), features a 3.2-inch 480 x 320 touch screen, A/V out, and supports plethora of codecs. The V660 will also feature cool apps like a calender, calculator, and uh, an ebook reader.

MSI V660 2 thumb 130x65 Is That a Zune HD in your Pocket? No, It’s the MSI MT V660!

Will Microsoft take legal action? Perhaps. They need the practice, since we’re pretty sure it’s the first time this has happened. Although, they should really just be happy someone finally copied a Zune.

[ via GMP3]