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Mintpass Goes Oldschool with The Cube

mint cube Mintpass Goes Oldschool with The Cube

Like many of you, we here at Anything But iPod have spent more late nights than we’d care to admit wondering what would happen if an early ’80s cassette deck and an MP3 player bumped nasties.

Fortunately, it looks like the folks at Mintpass were just as curious as we were.

Meet the Mintpass Cube…

mint cube 1 thumb 130x93 Mintpass Goes Oldschool with The Cube

mint cube 2 thumb 130x120 Mintpass Goes Oldschool with The Cube

mint cube 3 thumb 130x105 Mintpass Goes Oldschool with The Cube

The 2”x2”x2” player features a real analog VU meter, voltmeter, and FM frequency meter to let you know what’s going on in that little cube. There are also 10 buttons on top, some of which behave like buttons on a cassette player with one popping up when another is pressed. It also has Bluetooth support, although we’d imagine pairing it to something would be quite difficult.

So where can you buy the Cube? You can’t. It’s just a concept for now. On the bright side, you can finally stop wondering about the ’80s cassette deck MP3 player thing. You’re welcome, world.

[ via engadget]

Cyber Monday MP3 Player Deals

cyber monday Cyber Monday MP3 Player Deals

Today is Cyber Monday, the biggest electronics sales day of the year. Among various deals are of course a lot of MP3 players and related accessories. Click on through for a list of some of the best deals.

Some of these deals ended November 30

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Compare MP3 Players for Holiday Shopping

abi compare holiday Compare MP3 Players for Holiday Shopping

Looking for the perfect MP3 player either for you or your loved one for the holidays? ABI Compare has you covered. Search by specifications or brand and compare up to 4 players side by side. Jump in and compare MP3 players for your holiday shopping.

Update: We are working on fixing some inaccuracies in the database. If you see any please email mail @ with corrections or by posting them in this forum thread.

Bigger and Better Things at ABI

abi cg main Bigger and Better Things at ABI

For me it has been an exciting 4 years of running ABI, checking out the latest gadgets, working with manufactures on improving their products, and most of all getting a chance to interact with a lot of great people in our community forums. All in all it was always hard to call this work or a job. As the site grew to millions of page views it became much harder for me to maintain the software and servers running ABI- the more time I had to spend in an admin panel the more I missed the enjoyable parts of the site.

Faced with these issues my decision was to hire help and expand the ABI network or find the right partner that could take the weight and help ABI grow. Getting acquired by another company is always a scary prospect for site owners since you fear losing the vision of something you and your community been a part of for so long. However I was fortunate to find the right people.

CrowdGather is a network of forums with a talented staff that understands communities like ABI. After I had a met with them and had a chance to see what they have going on behind the scenes- the decision was easy. I saw that it was a perfect fit in that CrowdGather could improve ABI with their core competencies and I could lend my years of expertise running a successful site.

Other than a smoother running site, more content, and an improved user experience, not much will change here at ABI. I will be still be heading this site along with the other talented writers here. Additionally, however, I will be joining CrowdGather’s team to help them manage and grow their technology related sited. One closely related site you may be familiar with is where I hope to add some insight from my work with the Microsoft MVP program as a Zune MVP.

I am really excited about this moving forward and will continue to find ways to improve the community experience here at Anythingbutipod.

[Press Release]

Chukka- Kinetic Powered MP3 Player Concept

chukka main Chukka  Kinetic Powered MP3 Player Concept

I am always fidgeting with something while I’m sitting still at my desk. Some might see this as annoying but others see this as uncaptured energy that could be used to charge our gadgets. The Chukka “Kenetic Music Player” does just that with an electromagnetic inducer wrapped up in a two cylindrical form factor. The concepts name is likely derived from “nunchaku” or nunchucks due to the form factor and the motion used to charge the player.

Hop over to the site to check out more photos and a video demo of how this concept might work.

[MASC Design via ABI Forums]

How to Build a 9v Battery Powered USB Charger

The original article located here has been removed due to issues with the design. As someone pointed out in the comments, the 7805 regulator regulates voltage by dissipating the rest of the energy as heat, which means that if used for extened periods of time the regulator will get very hot. This doesn’t happen right away, and it will charge your device, which is why I didn’t notice it when I first did the tutorial. Running a ~600mA external hard drive off the system however made the regulator hot to the touch after about 10 minutes. Therefor I wouldn’t suggest anyone using this I’ve left the original technical explenation comment for anyone who wants to check out the technical reasons themselves.

Teclast’s Latest PMP Runs Android

Teclast T58 Teclast’s Latest PMP Runs Android

The Teclast T58 is one of many players which will surface in the coming months to run Google’s Android OS.

The T58, which we hear will be officially announced soon, will feature WiFi and GPS capabilities, a 1280×720 touchscreen display, and of course 720P playback. It’s also packing a dual-core ARM9 RISC processor from Rockchip, and two Wolfson WM8740 DACs under the hood. It supports H.264, RMVB, MPEG-4, AVS, and WMV9 video files, but no word on supported audio codecs, capacities, battery life– or anything else. We’ll know more when it’s announced.

It’s only a matter of time before someone adds phone calling capabilities to one of these, at which point the world will implode.

[Engadget | Akihabara News]

The Tricorder PMP-09: Part PMP, Part Tricorder, Part Awesome

pmp 09 The Tricorder PMP 09: Part PMP, Part Tricorder, Part AwesomeThe Tricorder PMP-09 is an MP3 player designed to look like a tricorder from Star Trek: The Next Generation, because Trekkies don’t have enough trouble getting females to talk to them.

The PMP-09 features a 2.8” TFT LCD, 8GB of storage, supports MP3, WAV, JPEG, BMP, AVI, and MP4 files. It has a decent battery life of 12 hours music and 4 hours video. It also features 12 different LCARS interfaces (themes) and is available in 6 different designs.

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HifiMAN HM-801 Sports a Modular Amp Bay for $600

hifiman hm 801 HifiMAN HM 801 Sports a Modular Amp Bay for $600

There are a small but enthusiastic subset of users that try to push out every bit of sound performance though expensive headphones and amps. A good example is this recent post showing off one of Martin’s rigs. Headphone amps add warmth and character to your music and they provide enough power to heavier high end headphones. But as you can see the amps detract from overall portability.

The HifiMAN HM-801 aims to solve this issue with the first audiophile player with a modular headphone amp bay sporting a renowned Burr-Brown DAC. Battery life is far off from today’s standards at between 6-8 hours, but this is reasonable for a player with a beefy amp. The unit is still in the planning and production stages but we are in contact with the maker and will have a detailed review upon its release.

[Product Page]

Bad Audio Book Narrators Ruining the Audio Book Experience

bad audiobook narration Bad Audio Book Narrators Ruining the Audio Book Experience

As some people might know I’m a very heavy user of digital content in any form. When it comes to audio, I currently have Audible’s most expensive membership plan as well as subscribing to 36 podcasts (and counting). What I find to be an increasing problem especially with audio books is the quality of the narrator. Lately I’ve found myself browsing audio books based on narrators I like instead of authors I like. That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

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