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  1. nodirectionhome
    04-25-2011 06:13 AM
    Hi, lestatar!

    The E is widely available in the UK - yet it is more than twice the equivalent U.S. price - 110 versus $70 dollars for the same 16Gb version... the E was even more expensive than the A was when I got mine, so it is hard for me to recommend the E to anyone in the UK. I really don't get the pricing policy.

    The S is widely available and around the same price as the E, but it's a much better player, playlists, tru-black screen, SenseMe, 50hrs battery and almost all metal.

    I love mine - I got it for 52 unused - it's definitely the best DAP I've ever tried in terms of features and I use it pretty much every day.
  2. lestatar
    04-25-2011 06:01 AM
    Heya ndh...sorry for the public message - my ABi inbox is full and i am too lazy to empty it right now. Wanted to start up a dialog with you if you don't mind...Ping me at:
    lestatar at yahoo dot com

    Looking to get some info from you on Sony E/S 16GB availability in your neck of the woods [as well as some more details on how you are enjoying your new toy].

    So ping me if you want to chat...

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