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  1. Confispect
    09-05-2011 11:30 PM
    Somewhat and nah I don't hate them that singer just irritates my eardrums. I need to check the dates on this show thing I know there was a older one which looks a bit shitty. Clerks sound funny for some odd reason every one I know around me is always in the mood for comedy I'm mostly always in the mood for action.

    Sidenote: Isn't it past your bedtime
  2. steinburger1109
    09-05-2011 11:22 PM
    Mm. Guess you hang around more forums than I do. Haha don't hate DT, appreciate. I haven't seen that one.

    There's 26 episodes. It's still running because it's gonna have another season, I think.

    Clerks is a stoner comedy about a dude who gets called in to work at the convenient store on what was supposed to be his day off, and shit happens. I dunno. Better to watch with friends, I think, actually, now that I think about it.
  3. steinburger1109
    09-05-2011 11:00 PM
    Haha that would have been pretty cool, but I get the feeling a lot of people would consider it post-whoring... Ponies are alright. I finished the series. Marathon'd it one night. It was pretty awesome. All I've really been watching lately is Burn Notice (a TV show, I'm almost halfway through the five season show in a week ). And I have no idea what you have or haven't seen, have you seen Clerks? I think you'd enjoy that one, if you haven't already seen it. And you can stream it on Netflix if you have it.
  4. steinburger1109
    09-05-2011 11:00 PM
    Yea, he's got several different flavors. Part of what makes his albums interesting. If you want something more like the first one I posted, try "Birthright (Beta 1)". That was my desktop, from 2001 or something like that. Not even a gig of RAM and still running XP. Don't have a clue about the processor. I don't use my laptop that much, actually. The desktop's just more convenient it's right inside the door. Also for lag keep in mind that my internet's a POS. I get less than 8 kbps down... I just went to the gif thread on my lappy now, it runs it fine after it buffers for a sec. But like I said, I'm cheap as hell and so I wouldn't use my guts as a landmark.
  5. steinburger1109
    09-05-2011 09:36 PM
    Might I suggest...

    Haha I dunno I like it all... Well then I can't wait to see that! My laptop is a Dell Vostro 3700 (not positive about the number...). I'm cheap as hell, just got an i3 processor and pretty much the cheapest guts I could get on it, but I really like it aesthetically speaking and layout wise. Having the number pad is a big thing to me. But anyway, I run TF2 and Portal 2 on here perfectly fine, but that's the extent of the gaming I do (besides the occasional flash game). My processor is 2.4GHz and 3GB RAM, you can go up to an i7 w/ like, 8GB RAM, I think. The grand total for my system was just over a grand, IIRC, with Win 7 Home & Business I think was my OS... Shit I don't remember anything lol pounded a few too many brewskies since then.

    And I just noticed... welcome to the 1000 post club.
  6. The DarkSide
    09-04-2011 11:26 PM
    The DarkSide
    That's "janitor poopatine", from fanboy & chum chum. Since they called me the evil one before, and said I went to the darkside, I use it for my avatar sometimes.
  7. steinburger1109
    09-02-2011 05:28 PM
    Yea, I guess I kinda use techno as just really a general term. I should probably say electronic or somethin'. That seems to be more general to me. But yea, I've gotten way into Celldweller lately, and my friends are givin' me shit. Pfft. Fuck 'em.

    Haha fail.

    Yea, if I want to get something that I'm not gonna be able to put in my pocket, it's gonne be a laptop. Unfortunately, right now, my lappy is a 17" behemoth, not so portable. Never got a PM, btw.
  8. steinburger1109
    08-31-2011 09:10 PM
    You a Coby fan now, or is it some good ol' sarcasm?
  9. steinburger1109
    08-25-2011 04:26 PM
    In case you haven't figured it out, I'm much more of a rock/metal kinda guy than hip hop or rap. Pop just bugs the SH** out of me. Country's depressing and bland. Older hip hop and rap, like OutKast, I'm a big fan of, sometimes. A little techno, but not really. Celldweller (above) is my first real foray into industrial. I know NIN, of course, but don't have any of their music. lol sorry I ramble about music.
  10. steinburger1109
    08-25-2011 04:26 PM
    Meh, Android feels too much like iOS. Both feel stark and bland, to me. :/ I am interested in the Archos tablets, but it's just unfortunate that they're giving up on the PMP sized ones.

    I'm much more interested in old hip hop and rap than the new stuff. Newer stuff sounds a little too bland for me, generally. There IS the occasional exception, though. DT is a great band, IMO, as I'm sure you've gathered lol but I agree, for how amazing the instrumentalists are, LaBrie just doesn't bring the same talent to the table. At the same time, I don't really dislike him. musichound had a good point his dramatic sound is fitting for a Prog band. I haven't had new music in ages, besides last night I just got some of this from a friend:

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