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EnzoTen 07-17-2007 12:15 AM

Flash Themes and Games
Here is iriver's Korean forum with all the flash themes and games... its all in Korean but its still navigable with common senses. most of the threads will show you previews of the themes or games.

Note: The download button is at the top - looks like a button with a blue down arrow.

  • The 8GB Theme - one of my favs, but dosent look as nice in portrait
  • Dot Theme (Green or Blue or Red) - Looks like a Samsung K3
  • CubeZUNE - Nice in portrait mode full screen album art kind of like Zune
  • Pink - Nice pink theme for the ladies
  • Sketch Note - Cool cartoonish sketch theme
  • Feel Gravity - Puzzle Game - Directions are in Korean, but who reads directions anyway? Fairly easy to figure out. Basically you make gravity go one direction or another to move boxes to get your dog or kitty to its destination. But dont smash your poor little animal with a box.
  • Eat Sushi - Eat the correct sushi the fat man is thinking about in the alloted time - Eat wasabi to gain extra time
  • xbomb - Some sort of Mindsweep type game - perhaps half the fun is figuring out how to play? Use the Volume buttons to select...
  • Gold Miner - Not played yet.
  • Jump Rabbit - Not played yet.
Browse thought the Korean iriver Forums and post the interesting games or themes you find i will add it to this master list... I also found another set of forums that look to have the same content but are separated into Themes and Games which may be a bit easier to browse.

Also, give us a little description or a bit of instructions if you get a chance to check it out.

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