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jimhughes 08-31-2007 03:03 PM

S-10 Silicon cases
Does anyone have a source for S-10 cases? I've found some silicon ones on Ebay UK, but they refuse to ship to USA. I've seen a sack like cloth one on Ebay AU but that's not what I want. Suggestions, hints, assistance requested. Thanks, Jim

FurryKing 11-20-2007 09:31 AM

Looks like those things are stuck in Korea. :-/

I bought this Napa Leather Case with a metal clip from I-Nique (a UK company). And it sucks. While the S10 fits snugly inside the case it also fits sooo snugly that bottom click gets smashed down. I've tried stretching it out and that has helped a little bit but then I can put the S10 all the way into the case. Not sure what I'll do now.

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