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Trunk666 10-03-2007 11:13 AM

I jammed up my player with too much stuff!
So I had some room left on the internal memory on my Pilot and I though I'd fill it up. I plugged it into my Mac and put two more albums on the Pilot, leaving ~3 MB of space left.

When I started it up, it started profiling the media and said that the database was full. "Delete Content or Reformat Device". With an error like this, it seems that the Pilot wouldn't show up in MTP mode. I guess it relies on the database to display the content of the device. The only way I could delete content was by locking the Pilot and connecting via file and folder mode. I deleted the problem albums. Same message. I deleted more. Same message. I moved some files to external memory. Same message. There is now over 500MB free space.

Please tell me there's a way to force it to rebuild the database without removing all the content, reformatting and putting the media back on the Pilot. That's ridiculous.

Trunk666 10-03-2007 06:44 PM

I didn't have enough space to copy stuff over to my computer, so I plugged into my friend's Mac. I copied my Music folder to his computer, unplugged to reformat, and it built my database successfully. I'm happy, but confused and a little frustrated. Why didn't connecting to the PC in file and folder mode not cause this?

AAAAaaaand, oddly enough, -ziq is back to a-ziq. I didn't TOUCH that file on the Mac or on the PC. Why oh why?!?!? I'm sure the others are messed up too now.

digitaldel 10-04-2007 11:22 AM

Any more background on what the sequence was make this happen? We will try to reproduce it.

Trunk666 10-04-2007 01:36 PM

Sure. I'll try to include everything, regardless of whether I think it caused the problem.

Here are the three machines involved:
Apple 1.42GHz dual processor G4 running OSX 10.3.9
Dell XPS M1210 Core Duo 1.83GHz, Windows XP MCE Version 2002 SP2
Apple Mac Book Pro 2.16GHz Core Duo, OSX 10.4.10

My Pilot is an 8GB model with a 1 GB Transcend microSD card in it's bundled SD adapter. This is how the Pilot was, working fine.
Internal Memory: ~1650 mp3s with ~100MB of free space
External Memory: six videos with 222MB of free space

All of the files were loaded up from my Dell or G4 Mac.

I wanted to add some files to the Pilot using the Mac. I deleted some files and added albums until the Mac indicated something like 2-3MB of free space.

I unplugged the Pilot when it indicated that it was OK to do so. When I looked down, it said that there were no files on it. (I obviously missed the full database message). Every time I started it up, it would appear that it was starting up, but then give me a message saying the "Database is full. Delete content or reformat device."

I tried to connect it to my Dell (via MTP auto-select) and it would only mount my External Storage. It makes sense. I'm not positive how MTP works, but I'm getting the feeling that it relies on this database I keep hearing about (but can't see... grrr).

I switched to force File & Folder mode and it would mount the internal and external memory. While I was in there changing the USB mode, though, I was checking the System tab. IIRC, it indicated something like 2.37MB of free space on the Internal Memory.

Anyway, I didn't have 8 gigs of free space on my laptop, so I asked my friend with the MacBook Pro if I could dump stuff onto his HD and reformat.

I removed the SD card for the process.

I plugged into the Mac and it mounted the internal memory. I told my friend to copy the Music folder over. He said "Dump it?" I said yes. I call transferring something from a device onto another "dumping." Well... he threw it in the trash. Luckily, it didn't delete automatically. I told him to move the Music folder back onto the device. After he did that, he copied the Music folder to his desktop.

After everything was backed up, I disconnected the Pilot. To my amazement, it profiled the files properly as if I just threw all of the files on for the first time.

Now it works as it did before. With the exception of the myu character changing back to "a". Odd, but I'm happy I didn't have to reformat and re-load the thing.

Bberrios 07-13-2009 02:20 PM

Hey !
This happened to me when I took my MP3 off of my Mac. I didn't know why, but I sensed a pattern. Thats when I figured it out. All you have to do to prevent this is "Safely Eject" your hardware from your computer whenever you are done placing things on/ taking things off of it from your computer. For a Mac, all you do is drag the Icon thats on the desktop to the Trash, and it will eject it, and for Windows, you go o the bottom right hand corner of your screen and find the "Safely Eject" icon, click it, and then click what you want to eject.

Now, if you have already done the action and that message pops up, this is how you fix it.

Go on your computer and plug in your MP3. The files will still be on there, but they won't show up on your MP3. They will show up on your computer. Make an empty, easily accessible folder somewhere (I always put it on my desktop, its not going to be there long). Then, drag all the files from your MP3 to that folder (the ones you want to keep, anyway). After its done copying the files over, safely eject your MP3 from your computer.
Now, go on your Insignia and find where it says "Empty Internal Memory". Click that, and then click yes. It will now empty all the memory from your MP3. Then, find where it says "Restore Settings" or "Restore Default Settings". Click that. Now, you basically have a brand new MP3. No kinks to it.

Now, plug your MP3 back into your computer. The tricky part is when you delete all the internal memory, you also delete some of the folders that actually come with the MP3, namely the "Music" folder. Thats what took me a while to figure out. To regain your "Music" folder, all you have to do is go into the folder named "AUDIBLE" (all caps, hopefully), and then create a folder named "Music" (just type it like that, not "MUSIC" or "music"). After you have that down, you could drag all your music back from that folder you made a little while back. Now you have all your files on your MP3 again! After you're sure its done copying all the files back to your MP3, make sure you SAFELY EJECT the MP3 from your computer. Check that 3 times before you do it, just so you don't have to repeat this tedious process.
And, presto, you're done! At least thats how it worked for me and a few others :D

Hope it helps!!!

- Brandon

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