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ifanpayne 01-13-2008 07:33 PM

Upgrading from 20GB
I have an iAudio 20GB X5 and would like to increase the storage by installing a larger capacity disk. I know that Samsung now makes a 60GB single platter drive that would fit in the 20GB case but it has the wrong interface. Does anyone know of a 40 or 60 GB drive that would fit into the 20GB case and that has the same ATA-100 interface as the Toshiba MK2006GAL?

Apex_ 02-04-2008 04:21 PM

I'm wondering about this myself. My X5L's 30GB drive died suddenly on me last week and I've been trying to hunt down a replacement drive for it. I'm aware Toshiba makes quite a few obscure models of single platter HDDs but no matter how much digging around I do I can't seem to find one for sale. They actually make a single platter 80GB drive as well that should work, but I've found absolutely no info on that aside from Toshiba's product listing.

I've found all sorts of MK6006GAH drives on eBay but they're dual platter.

EDIT: Whoops, I totally missed those drives not being ATA-100 interface. Now I'm even more at a loss here.

If you happen across somewhere that sells any of those please post it here! I'll do the same should I stumble across anything.

EDIT #2:

It's looking like your only option is the Toshiba MK3006GAL, 30GB. It's the exact model used in the 30GB X5, which I just replaced in my own X5L for lack of other options. All my research points to a 40GB model (MK4007GAL) that would work, but it's only available in Japan and hard to find there to boot. Hope the information can be of use.

HPTDoh 11-11-2008 11:13 PM

About replacing hard drives...
Do you need a ata-100 to usb adapter to transfer new software to the new one? This is assuming the stock hard drive is done for...

PS What about this guy? http://www.compuvest.us/ProductDetai...oductID=260451

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