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advcomp2019 04-18-2008 12:03 AM

Change Region on the View
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Warning: Do not use the Sansa Updater after this. I had a hard time getting my back to work right.

I was looking at SanDisk manual firmware upgrades, and found out something with the "EUROPE w/ FM" firmware upgrade.

In the "EUROPE w/ FM" firmware files, there is "sysconfig.xml" that can be modified. You just edit the Region code in that file. Most of the Sansa Clip's suffixes will work with the View. I know P adds USB modes to the View.

1) Edit "sysconfig.xml" which I attached as a txt file. Just remove the .txt extension off the file. Plus I have changed it to P already.
2) Put "sysconfig.xml" with all the firmware files from http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum...play.php?f=135
3) Copy all the firmware files with "sysconfig.xml" on to your View. Note: I have not tried this in MTP mode.
4) Unplug the View so it can do firmware upgrade.
5) To check if it works, go to More -> Setting/Options -> System Settings -> Info

Edit: I got a PM from one user that says you do not need to worry about firmware files.

If you need to add something, just PM me or another mod.

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