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candlemail 07-11-2008 03:30 PM

white screen?
HI Everyone, I just bought a broken ns-2v17 off ebay to try to fix just for fun. It works, but the screen is only a blank white most of the time. I have seen faint stripes and even a bluish tint to it while messing with it a bit, but it always goes back to the blank white after a power cycle. It links to the comp fine, can load files on and play them after a little messing around to hit on the mp3 play part of the menu, but I was wondering if anyone has had issues with the white screen? I have been looking for a place to download the original firmware to try to reflash it but haven't found any place. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them. And if anyone has a copy of the fw they can upload here or link me to I'd appreciate it a whole bunch. Probably won't fix it but it can't hurt. Thanks for reading. I'm fairly new to this forum but it looks like a great place. I didn't find many references to "white screen" using a search, but maybe someone who knows more than me has some ideas. :)

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