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kasrhp 01-13-2009 03:24 PM

is there even another competitor?
I am kind of wondering if the Cowon o2 is in a class all by itself. I tried looking around and seeing if there was even another player in the same class as the Cowon. I cant think of a single player. All of the usual suspects either have something added that bring it out of class, or dont compare at all.

The Archos 5 is one that can be argued, but with the built in wi fi(which I hear is pretty useless) puts it technically above the o29along with price). It uses hdd versus flash memory. It cant hold a candle sq wise. The battery life is dismal compared to the o2.

The ipod touch is in a different realm with the wifi and apps. It is flash based, but no expandable memory. There is talk about a 64 gb coming soon, but Im sure price will be astronomical. Dont forget SQ! The screen is not nearly as big, being almost a full inch smaller. And the price too is way beyond o2.

The s9? Iriver? Anything? It just seems there arent any real competitors out there for the o2. The other products just seem like they have a couple of options thrown in(hence the price difference), or they cant compete based on the size of the player. So I was wondering, is it good to be either the best at what it does that nobody(I can think of) comes close? Or that its the only dog on the field?

kasrhp 01-16-2009 03:50 PM

I guess there is not. o2 wins by default :)

affainyi 01-17-2009 09:08 AM

agreed, no use saying the O2 is 'totally unusable' and a piece of crap without suggesting any approximate alternatives.....I'm thinking of making a video so people understand that the O2 is amazingly capable despite a number of issues but I don't have a camera.....

kasrhp 01-17-2009 09:31 AM

That would be good. Honestly though, I was just trying to see if there was another comparable player. There really arent any I can think of.

flacvest 06-24-2009 01:53 PM

It's in a class by itself... honest!
There just is NO other player like it. And come on, expecting it to be a big D2 is just not the right attitude with which to approach this unique device...

It does what it does in its own little universe VERY well. Namely pristine quality audio, amped or NOT. That Texas Instruments DaVinci chip sounds better than my OPA627AU to my Ear sometimes on my AUZEN X-Meridian 7.1 High Definition Soundcard, I have all 4 channels upgraded with the OPA627AU. The O2PMP sounds blacker and fuller, with excellent body and sound character. It's too bad about the double click between tracks, but I would hope a future firmware update will Iron that out.

And while we would all hope for gapless, lets not hold our breath in protest collectively lest there be several thousands of folks passing out at once!

Another thing the O2PMP does very well is video, and while the video isn't as good sounding as the music, since it doesn't run with the BBE sound set in place during video playback, the video quality is killer! from a visual standpoint. And with 32 GB of storage, and the ability to load and unload SDHC cards on the fly like DVD's its really great as a movie player.

It also excels at photos, via the Comic Book Viewer. The autopanning feature is great for "clean" photos, and I use mine in the field while shooting nature shots via the excellent SDHC host copy and past feature to transform a blanked O2PMP disk into a photo tank. Not bad! for a $200ish USD PMP considering dedicated photo tanks cost usually around $400 to $600 bucks...

I have NOT used it for text or for audiobooks, although its capable of those things... I just am not interested.

I primarily use it for Music. I also dig it because it has ample storage space on the leather case via a velcro carpet to have 2 portable headphone amps, 3 sometimes, The iBasso T4, the FiiO E5 (sometimes the E3) and the Boostaroo Revolution On-Borad... snug and velcro-ed onto the front of the leather case's front panel.

See here:


Well, that about wraps up this post for moi. Hope you enjoyed it!

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viperchrisz4 07-15-2009 07:27 PM

Speaking of players like the O2, you're right it's SOO hard to find a player that has 32gb or more of space, be touchscreen and not have it be a Ipod or Zune, and have such great features.

Although, there's a new player on Amazon that is still on preorder, but sells for the price of a refurbished O2 32gb, has a few more features including dual headphone out, and a supposed 30hr battery life: it's called the Latte Cafe. Apparently the Californian company works somewhat like mp4nation.net, as in they rebrand chinese players as their own. Interestingly enough though they are sold in popular stores such as Target, Amazon, and Newegg. The Latte Cafe is actually a rebranded 'RAmos T8'. No word on when it will be shipped out though. Anways here's some links:

The Player: http://www.amazon.com/Latte-Video-Pl...7699157&sr=8-1

And 'Latte Communications' official site: http://www.lattefone.com/

So, what do you think?

kasrhp 07-17-2009 07:45 PM

Its def a good looking device. I think somebody has checked out the Ramos here. Said it was good for the $, but the build quality wasnt up to par with the better players. Dont know how the sq is though.

flacvest 08-07-2009 01:40 AM

mp4nation.net carries some of the Ramos lineup...
Just FYI... they actually have quite a huge lineup of MP4 and MP3 players... Not spamming, just informing.

kasrhp 08-07-2009 12:17 PM

Ive heard of the Ramos before, but are they legit?

I know price is not everything, but the Ramos players I see are half of what the O2 is. They have to be lacking in some department. Maybe not?

The smartQ is interesting, but again, so cheap. Why so cheap? Also, whats the built in memory on them, i didnt see it listed.

I think the only real products to compete with the o2 are the older Archos line.

barryem 09-16-2009 10:10 PM

I have quite a lot of players including several Archos players and Cowon and Creative players. I recently got a Cowon S9. I use players mostly for video and audiobooks and a little bit for music so my view of this might be different than most.

I think the nicest player I have, overall, is the Creative Zen Vision:W. It's simple to use, reliable, has a good screen and plays all the stuff I'm likely to put on it. I use it more for videos than the rest. I wish it had better battery life but that's about all it lacks.

The O2 is a close second to the ZVW, I think. It has much better battery life and fits in my pocket better. The speaker isn't nearly as loud and that's important to me. If the speaker was louder it might become my favorite. I do like the interface a lot although even here I think the ZVW is better.

I'm not sure what follows those. Maybe the D2. Maybe the Creative Zen. The D2 doesn't resume reliably on Audible.com's books but 2/3 of my books are MP3 anyway. It's a bit heavy in a shirt pocket and that's probably it's biggest problem after the fact that it doesn't have a speaker. The Zen wins on it's small size and light weight although I find the controls pretty awkward to use.

Archos has a lot going for it but I don't think my 504, 404 or 705 are in the same ballpark with the ZVW and the O2. They get the poorest battery life of all of them. The interfaces are a little clumsier than the rest; not really too bad though.

I've left out the S9 because I haven't had it that long yet and I'm not sure just how it fits in this group. It's easily the most sophisticated interface of the bunch but I prefer simplicity. I find myself playing with it more and using it less than the others. That may change as I get more used to it.

One point I'd like to make about all this: the major brand players all range in quality from really very good to excellent. There are no bad players. There aren't even any mediocre ones. At least not among the major brands. I'd say that the worse player I own is an Iriver E100 and it's just fine. I'm bothered by the idea that everything but the best one or two sucks.


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