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mbioman 02-10-2009 11:05 AM

Insignia Warranty Replacement
What a waste of 2 months. My pilot battery literally exploded breaking the case into two pieces in November. Fortunately it was under warranty and I was giving a prepaid UPS label and told to ship it to Texas for replacement/repair. I received delivery confirmation on Dec 16 that it was received. I have now called them at least 4 times and have been told the same story over and again. They are behind and it is taking longer than expected. Several weeks ago on Jan 21, I was told that they had my wrong address so they would have to correct it. Someone forgot to put the apartment number. In reality this is not a big deal since I live in a triplex and all packages are delivered to the front porch. I call again today and they still have not corrected the address and it is my fault, but they are apologetic and are once again escalating my case and telling me to call in the next week if I do not hear from them. I am then given the tracking number for my return, and it is the same as the one I used to return my player to them. What gives Insignia?!!?

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