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David K 04-02-2009 02:45 AM

Wow.. It seems like insginia pilot is really dead..
I went to best buy today, and I have not seen one insignia pilot display. Last time I found an insignia pilot was 2 months ago. I guess it's really dead and gone. How am I suppose to get a new insignia pilot if mines broke because right now.. The battery is taking a crap. LOl. I really like the insignia pilot and how its created. I wish more people know about it, but I guess it's too late.

Edit: Which screen would you prefer on insignia pilot? Widescreen or fullscreen? Most of my videos are in widescreen, and I have no problem but whats best? Does it really matter? Lol.. This thread is gone too!!:( So long pilot. a year and a half and you haven't let me down.

Carbon88 04-02-2009 08:03 AM

they're done unfortunately..
at least for the foreseeable future. I picked up a couple extra pilots from eBay along with a couple 10 dollar replacement batteries from global trader in eBay. The Pilot was a benchmark in terms of features. My first one is still going strong after almost two years of daily use. I replaced the battery the other day but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. The original battery probably had 80% the capacity as it did when new. If I lost all pilots today, I'd probably go with a Creative Zen X-Fi, Mozaic or Cowon S9 (in spite of the touch screen which I'm not a big fan of) since they have most of the features that make the Pilot so good. Given the durability I've experienced with the Pilot so far, it will probably be years before I need to switch.

dhartsoc 04-04-2009 03:58 PM

I morn the loss of the Pilot as well. Mine is working well though I probably need to buy at least one spare battery. Might consider picking up a spare Pilot. The feature set is so compelling.

One might hope that when the economy improves, BB might consider restoring the Insignia line. It may have been a cost cutting move. I've noticed they are still selling an Insignia digital camera.

dhartsoc 07-14-2009 05:07 PM

Interesting... Best Buy / Insignia have just released a portable HD radio for $50. I think that may be a first in the HD radio biz. Guess they found the MP3 player market one they no longer wanted to play in. Maybe not a bad decision due to the lemming-like parade of people buying iPods as if they are the only device capable of playing MP3s.

ghost in the machine 07-27-2009 08:05 PM

I just bought one off eBay (Pilot)... $50 for the 8GB... Will see how it is as I was broke, couldn't afford a bigger P2/P3 so Pilot it is as I needed bluetooth.

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