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pochacco 05-18-2009 10:52 PM

trouble with texts other than english
I'm attempting, instead of marking (and probably taking at least 30min or so to mark the lyrics etc for one song) I'm trying to go a roundabout way by putting lyrics in .txt format and putting it in the documents folder. However, I listen to a LOT of korean music, and so therefore want my lyrics (obviously) to be in hangul (korean characters). However, when i put the lyrics on a notepad, save it as ANSI (where a pop up then comes up saying that my stuff in is unicode and asks to convert when i want the file in ANSI format). So I allow this, the file converts to ANSI, but all the korean text turns into ??? -.-. English works fine though, it comes out right. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks :]

pochacco 06-07-2009 01:15 PM

woohooo!! *dances around* I finally answered my own question!!, and I know a few other people had the same problem as me. Basically, you have to change some of your computer options..I'm not techy so I'm not going to explain how it works, cuz I don't know, it just works. ^^ To be able to put korean text, or foreign text on notepad and be able to save it as an ANSI file I did this:
1. Open up to Control Panel
2. Click on Regional and Language Options
3. Click on the 3rd tab, Advanced
4. Change the select language to whatever language you want to be able to type in (in my case, Korean...I believe this SHOULD work with multiple languages, but I haven't tried that yet..)
5. Make sure your language below the selected language has an ANSI font (you can scroll down to make sure it has this) then click OK
6. Restart your computer
7. And you can now put other languages on the O2!!!! (I think the reason I kept with this problem was because I found it highly odd that a KOREAN made pmp would not support korean lyrics)
*note: If you do not have the ANSI version of your language I believe you have to go open up that probably dusty Windows packaging we all have and install the East Asian Languages

Enjoy :]

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