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rofi 05-22-2009 11:40 PM

Recording in excess of storage capacity
Right now this is a hypothetical question, but I'll have to deal with it for real fairly shortly. I have an 8gb Pilot. I want to use it to record full albums from cassettes, which I will save in WAV form, and then convert to mp3s on my PC. The 8gb drive isn't filled yet but it's not that far away from the point where a long wav file might bump up against maximum capacity (I figure a typical wav file might be 750mb in this situation).

I've ordered a 16gb sdhc card, which is something I've been planning to do anyway, but my question is how will the Pilot treat the WAV file if the recording plus what's already on there exceeds 8gb? Will it crash? Place the entire wav file on the sdhc card? Split the location of the file? Does the sdhc card read as a separate drive in Windows Explorer? (If it does I could sync the existing mp3s to it through Syncback, the dedicated sync program I use to move and update mp3s to the Pilot). And so forth.

Thanks in advance.

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