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dfkt 06-21-2009 08:36 AM

O2 Font Maker


COWON O2 to use the font generator font and style you want CWFONT (font name). FNT file created you can change the font of the O2.

- Applies to TTF files are not included in the HINT information to support O2 Font and Font size exceeded the maximum range of cases can be displayed abnormally.

- Support OS: Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000 (Windows 98 does not support or less.)


I wish they fixed some important stuff instead of all these toys... or at least lets me change the colors of the damn fonts...

Shortly 06-22-2009 09:50 PM

Maybe that'll be one of the toy upgrades for one of the next useless updates?

Is the slide feature of most of the other players just a software enhancement? If so, then why, why, why hasn't Cowon updated this feature? Frustrating. I know how you feel now.

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