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LittleBigToe 07-28-2009 04:50 PM

Zen V plus broken reset button
Just bought it last week and while pressing the reset button in with a safety pin the reset button switch popped off its seat. Opened it up and attempted to re-attach it without success so cut the battery wires and tried installing my own switch to use as a re-set but that failed and both wires came off the battery in the process and then accidentally knocked the usb port off too and now can't get this humpty dumpty player back together again :D I'm at a loss now and accepting a total loss on this item :( So word of caution and use a paper clip and gently press reset button in when using it. Good sound quality when recording in it's highest bit rate (160 kb) but had a feeling I was going to break this little toy-like player somehow :mad:

It worked good while I had it for a full 5 days and if anyone is looking for a good spare parts 4gb zen v plus pm me.

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