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Bixx 08-20-2009 05:00 PM

O2 owners who also know Samsung's P3 - be honest!
I'm pretty much set to pick either Cowon's O2 or Samsung's P3. On paper, they seem very similar, feature-wise (in those features that are important to me, anyway), so I'd like to hear some honest, non-rabid input from those who have experiences with both players and could compare their good and bad sides. I have to say P3's considerably lower price and supposed sturdiness make it look very attractive, although Cowon's support for many formats and hi-res video is a big plus for its side...
Well, some questions I have:
How's Cowon's built-in speaker compared with P3's? I keep reading that P3's is supposedly better - is it?
P3 is reportedly much sturdier, with a glass screen and half-metal finish. How's Cowon's sturdiness?
Cowon can use cards, unlike P3 - how's it in practice? Is it seamless, fast enough, etc.? Are the card's contents and the files in the flash memory treated as separate animals?

kasrhp 08-21-2009 07:25 AM

I havent compared both, but I can give you a little O2 info.

The rear speaker is ok. It will def not let you rock out, but its doable. You can also tweak the EQ settings for a better sound output on it.

The o2 build quality is stellar. Its built like a tank. The screen is not glass, but the rest of it is high quality plastic. Very sturdy.

The sd card integration is ok. It plays everything fine off of it, but there is no integration. If you have 40gb of music, you cant listen to all 40. You have to listen to the 32, then switch to the card to listen to the other.

Between the 2, figure out how much video you will be watching. Its a very good video player. Throw pretty much anything at it. Music sounds great. They just implemented swipe gesture support also.

But if you are mainly a music guy, id go with the P3. It has a smoother UI, smaller and more pocketable. They really arent competing players. The P3 and s9 are more similar.

Hope this helps.

Dreamnine 08-21-2009 07:51 AM

There aren't too many O2 owners, and I don't think you'll find anyone who has both players.

Rabid Tapir 08-22-2009 05:51 PM

The two missing features from the P3 for me are:

SD card slot - if you need more than 16/32GB, then you want a card slot

Bookmarking - the P3 has no bookmarking, so audiobook listening would be a pain. The o2 has a favorites list that sort of works like bookmarking and the recent files list that save where you left off in any file (audio or video).

The DarkSide 08-22-2009 07:09 PM

Why don't you post this in the "Compare MP3 Players" section of the forum? You may see a few more posts to help you that way.

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