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billcode 08-27-2009 07:49 AM

mac issues - totally screwed my view switching from pc
Hi guys. Have been using my view on my pc for a month or two - not without one or two issues. But plugging into mac hoping to drag and drop mp3s has caused absolute chaos...it seemed to work fine (I wasn't aware of msc mode etc beforehand), the files seemed to be copied, but now on the view itself any attempt to enter the music folder results in the view freezing or restarting, or saying that the folder is empty. Plugging back in to the mac and switching between starting in msc mode and not (by holding down left button while on hold? Does this means it stays in msc? Does it have to be in msc to work on mac - or at least play afterwards?), there are no files to be seen in the folders. I guess this wouldn't seem so strange if they weren't visible on the device itself - if not playable.

Device is unrecognisable on the pc now but I'm not bothered right now - am packing up my pc and shipping it overseas and wont use it for 8 weeks - but am travelling with our mac laptop in 3 days and want some tunes. Am happy to reformat and lose everything, just want it playable. Incidentally, I reformatted the view but nothing has changed - the files are still there (sometimes) and it freezes when selecting them.

Can anyone tell me how to start AFRESH with a view on the mac?? I would happily have it work on both but nothing seems to be working and I assume starting afresh is now the best method....switching doesn't seem to be liked by the view. well, nothing does much, but any help appreciated!

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