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LittleBigToe 09-02-2009 01:55 AM

Tips Needed using Windows media Player
First off I don't own a real computer (webtv only) so I'm using the computers at a library to download music from my own cd's via Windows Media Player. Now I have it figured out and am happy recording in wma lossless BUT could use some tips because everything doesn't seem to be transferring just right. I load the cd and copy the music and then copy to device which is my pilot but for some reason when I'm done the songs in the 'albums' section of the pilot are not in the order that I arranged/edited them on the windows media player and other times not all the songs make it or not in a row like by 1 cd's worth either under 'artists' or 'albums' categories on player.

What I usally do is copy all the cd's I have to windows media player and then go back and 1 cd at a time transfer to 'insignia player' but don't choose any of the options such as config, folders, record, audible, etc and perhaps that's the problem :confused: When I'm done recording that 1 cd's worth of songs to the player I click on 'Removable disk' and record once again so everything also goes to the sd card while it's in the pilot. Most stuff does get recorded so I can access by artist and/or album but some stuff does not and like mentioned even though I'll arrange a cd's songs in the order I want them in it comes out on the player in the order that they're on the cd.

Anyone have any quick tips on using windows media player?

Btw WMA Lossless sounds pretty sweet and doesn't seem to take up that much space plus sd cards are getting really cheap now on 4 + 8gb's. Didn't like the Pilot that much at first but now it's really growing on me and very happy with my 4gb refurbed unit that I got for $34 shipped off Amazon :) My first player was a 4gb Zen V plus which broke after 5 days and it's a small player you have to be more careful with imo and had no SD card slot anyway. Wasted $60 on that one :(

LittleBigToe 09-11-2009 01:44 AM

I've Gotten very used to recording and downloading to this player and how it functions in general so don't need help now.

The only thing I'm curious about is I'm recording using windows media player set on 'wma lossless' and noticing too much 'popping' in the songs when played on Grado SR-60 headphones and didn't seem to notice as much clicking/popping when recording in wma variable bit rate 240-355kb so I'm a little confused there because 'WMA Lossless' records in something like 700-900kb :confused:

Anyhow really waiting for the day when I can buy a cheap 64gb sd card so I can record in PCM which as I understand it is true lossless and no different than listening directly from a cd :)

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