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ParkerAudio 10-09-2009 03:12 PM

Love S9 Should I get O2?
Recently purchased a S9, love the sound, not that hip on the interface, but I love the sound. My first player was a IPOD, but I hate how locked down the unit was when trying to hook it up to multiple computers, and the sound is average at best. So I stopped buying IPOD, bought a P2, which I loved, great sound, but then I needed another MP3 player so I bought a S9 in the past month. Really opened my eyes to how good a media player can sound.

Well, now I need another player, don't really want to buy the same thing, so despite the bad reviews I am looking at the O2. Sound quality is first, but will I be able to live with the poor interface, and some of the other problems haunting the unit? And now that it has had multiple updates, do that many problems really exist? Second choice here is a Zune HD, which might seem odd, but I don't really want to part with the sound quality.

Scarpad 10-09-2009 03:17 PM

I have both. I like the o2 mainly for video, Sound Quality is steller with audio, but I don't know if I would recommend it for audio only. I'd rather have the S9 for that. The o2 is a fine player for video and that's mostly what I use it for.

ParkerAudio 10-09-2009 03:59 PM

Scarpad, do you have a second choice for a unit having S9 comparable audio quality, with a better interface than the o2.

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