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BuckDefiant 10-12-2009 04:14 PM

Sansa View Cause of Death - Sweat (w/prevention suggestion)
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Helping a friend with his View, he's on his FOURTH (4) in 1.5 years. He's RMAd the other three but out of warranty on this one. Standard "Blue Ring of Death" / not recognized, CS calls, Recovery Modes, Mnfr Modes, yada yada, no joy. He decided to punt Sansa for a walkman, so I took the unit to do an autopsy.

Using the excellent "how to disassemble a View" found in these forums, I opened the case, and Voila! Cause of Death - Sweat Corrosion!

Not quite believing it, I dismantled it to check the battery for leaks, nope, just sweat from the control ring.

So, boys and girls, if you're using your View during exercise perhaps you should invest in a waterproof wrap.

Marvin the Martian 10-12-2009 04:22 PM

At least he upgraded to a better player! :D

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