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Pitbull69 10-15-2009 04:42 AM

Zen V5 Issues
Plugged my Zen into my PC last night and got a message saying Found New Hardware MTP device... but it doesnt go away and just sits there beeping, I checked my computer and My Zen isnt showing there (It used too)

I then googles the problem that brought me to this forum, Where someone suggested checking Windows Media player version, mine is 11. they also reccomened going hardware devices and uninstalling my Zen, but there is nothing there mentioning Zen, I have tried several different USB ports and nothing, but not so long ago this was working with my PC...

I then tried it on XBOX and it connected straight away now fully charged, still doesnt work in the PC... I then tried it in the wifes laptop and it hooked up straight away... so that leads me to beleive I have an issue on my PC... but where to start I dont know

anyone have any ideas ??

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