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siriuslysensational 01-05-2010 02:21 AM

pesky thing won't empty
i have a 16gb refurbed sansa view. it's worked great for months now... but tonight i went to sync a new playlist to find my player's full. no biggie, i usually just delete an old playlist manually from the internal memory using my computer. this time wmp didn't seem to think the music was being deleted, because wmp didn't register any more free space on the player. so i went and manually deleted all the songs in the songs folder, the albums folder, and the playlist folders. still not showing more than 881 mb free space. so finally out of frustration i restored factory settings from the player itself. STILL not showing any more free space!!

i checked the internal memory folder properties, and it shows only 881mb free space as well so i know it's not my wmp. WTF???

someone who is more tech savvy than i, please help!!

dfkt 01-09-2010 09:24 AM

You cannot delete files that were loaded in a different transfer mode than you're currently in. Meaning, you have to delete files that were transferred via MTP in MSC mode, and files transferred via MSC in MSC mode. Sansas are stupid like that, but it's easy to fix. In future, I'd stick with MSC mode and wouldn't touch WMP and MTP with a ten-foot-pole.

Another, faster way to get rid of everything is to format the player.

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