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frozenpeas42 01-06-2010 08:33 AM

How fast is the O2 when reading RAW files?
Hi, I've been looking at getting a PMP, primarily as a way of viewing my photos when I am travelling - reviewing and deleting them.

I am shooting 21mp RAW files, which are about 20mb each. I know that the O2 supports the RAW format, but I am worried about the speed.

Can someone please tell me about their experience using the O2's photo library. Do you think it would be feasable to transfer 5-10 gig of photos using USB OTG and review them?

I am actually going to get the Cowon V5, but If the O2 can do it then I will have more faith in the ability of the newer model.


dfkt 01-06-2010 08:45 AM

Could you please try not to type everything in bold? It only makes your posts harder to read, and it sure won't get you any speedier responses. It's like you're shouting, just one step below caps-lock.

The O2 neither supports displaying modern camera RAW files (not to mention every manufacturer specifies their RAW format differently than the next), nor does it have USB-OTG. Not sure where you got that info from.

I know Cowon's website mentions "unlimited RAW support", but the O2 of course does display neither the .CR2 RAWs from my Canon DSLR, nor the .ORF RAWs from my Olympus.

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