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fex- 03-19-2010 12:27 AM

Can't play any songs! why?
I have an iriver h10 5gb (blue).

Last friday while I was in the subway and listening to music on my iriver, all of a sudden it just stopped. The music will no longer play, however:

It turns on, shows me battery life, the time, artist name, song name, even the length of the song. When I play the song it shows the length but stays at 0:00 and I can't hear any music. Everything else on it works great, I can listen to the radio with no problems, I can record but can't listen.

I changed headphones but that did not work. I tried everything. I restarted it, changed batteries with my old iriver h10, formatted it 3 times already, tried using with rockbox, updated the firmware 2.51 . Tried everything but no luck.

This is a new iriver h10, I opened it just this january and had no problems with it. It was brand new in the factory box sealed. I had an iriver h10 (5gb red) which I bought in 2005 and it still works till this day except I can only hear music from one headphone because I dropped the device one too many times.

Can anyone help me out? I did not even drop my new Iriver. How can I make it work again. Like I said everything will work but it just wont play music. Its very odd since my older device still works and this new one had only lasted for like 2 months.

I searched on the internet and found nothing about this, I hope someone can help me.

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